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Get the Best Rabbit Tattoo Equipment for the Best Designs

If you want to take your rabbit to the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) show, you will be required to tattoo its left ear. Tattooing a rabbit’s ear is the only accepted method in the whole US for identification. All Things Bunnies is a top-rated rabbit care product supplier based in Castle Rock, Colorado. It provides a wide range of rabbit tattoo equipment that you can choose for your showing rabbit. Their tattoo ink is highly popular among their customers because it helps them to make a legit and clear tattoo. Read this blog to know what more is available for you.

Tattoo Pen Cleaning Brush Kit

Available at $1.95, this brush kit is the best option to use when it comes to cleaning your tattoo pen. For proper functioning of the pen, regular cleaning is necessary.

Tattoo Balm

Available at $6.95, All Things Bunnies’ tattoo balm not only helps the ink flow smoothly but also improves the healing process. The best thing about this balm is that only natural products like coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E, lavender oil, and rosemary oil are used. 

Tattoo Pen Replacement Needle

These replacement needles are available in two sizes. While you can use the 3PT variety for finer and thinner lines, 5PT is ideal for thicker and bolder lines.

Replacement Heads

One of their best rabbit tattoo products is the replacement heads. These tools have an aluminum tattoo grip, which is smaller and more comfortable to hold. Thus, you will find it easier to control your tattoo pen. The best thing about these tools is that they fit different tattoo pens. 

Tattoo Inkwell

Plastic-made inkwells are available in three different sizes – 8 mm (small), 13 mm (medium), and 15 mm (large). While tattooing, you will need to place the ink here.

Tattoo Inkwell Holder

Using these inkwell holders will help you prevent the inkwells from spilling and tipping over the ink while tattooing. These holders are available in two sizes and fit both small and medium-sized inkwell cups. You can get it at $1.95.

Bunny Tattoo Wraps

While carrying out the tattooing process, you will need to keep your rabbit immobilized and make sure they feel safe. The bunny tattoo wraps will be the best product you can use for this purpose, and using them will help you complete your work more accurately and efficiently. Highly durable canvas fabric is used to make these wraps.

The starting price is $14.95.

LASER-etched Ear Tags for Rabbits

It will be more beneficial when you purchase the set of 100 LASER-etched ear tags for rabbits and other cavies. Numbers here are much more clear and defined compared to stamped tags. The starting price is $35.95. 

Laminated Tattooing Instructions

All Things Bunnies’ tattoo equipment kit also contains the tattooing instructions, which will help you adjust the steel tip and change your needle whenever necessary.

Final Words

The company is known for providing the latest rabbit tattoo kits and supplies. If you want to know more about any of the products, you may send them your query via email.

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