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How to lay deck tiles over grass?

Are you looking to rejuvenate your backyard/lawn area with a new deck, patio, or simply by putting modern deck tiles onto the grass? 

Installing deck tiles over grass is a relatively easy job, albeit tiring. That being said, these are definitely worth the work you put into them. Follow this all-inclusive guide to install deck tiles over grass without a hitch.

How to lay deck tiles over grass? 

To properly lay deck tiles over the grass, you need a set of proper tools – make a list of the tools needed to complete the job. 

The next step will be the selection of the deck tiles. Next up, lay your design or the blueprint of the selected design on the grassy area intended for the deck tiles. Pick up a spade as it will help mark the tiles’ edges. Additionally, a spade will also help dig up the dirt from the area you want to install deck tiles. 

Spread out a quick layer of gravel, then the deck tiles over grass can be easily laid. 

Deck Tiles 

If you plan to install deck tiles over grass, you should carefully follow each step to achieve perfect-looking deck tile work. We stress upon it as achieving a perfectly looking deck tile work is not a job for everyone – as there are repeated occurrences of moisture damage and mold growth. 

Do not be discouraged, as these problems are easy to avoid if the installation is done properly. Additionally, these issues even have an easy fix more often than not. 

Steps to successfully lay Deck Tiles over a grassy surface

The first is to have a precise blueprint of the design you have in mind.

Blueprint the Design

Once you have selected your design and are ready to begin with the work, bring out the deck tiles you have chosen for the project and start laying them down on the ground. Ensure that you are positioning the tiles exactly how you have planned. After trial placement, carefully check if the steps between each deck tile are enough. 

Please make sure the distance between the tiles in their final position is satisfactory, then move ahead to the next step of the process.

Gather The Tools

The next step should be gathering the tools required for the installation process. You will need fine gravel, a spade, workman’s gloves, square-tripped trowel, normal trowel, a rubber mallet, and pliers. 

Marking Edges

Wear the workman’s gloves and grab the spade; the spade will help mark the edges of the deck tiles you have laid out. Make sure that you mark the edges carefully for every tile to have a clear idea of their placement/position. 

Remove the tiles from their temporary position after marking the edges hard enough that it leaves definitive marks on the grass area. Now, the main job of installing deck tiles will start. 

Removing Top Layer 

Grab the spade and start carefully removing the top layer of the selected area for the deck tiles. Start by removing the top surface of the lawn dig up to 5 cm in depth. A square shape trowel can be a handy tool here as it helps to quickly take out the dirt from the area. Make up more space by removing the dirt with the trowel. 

While digging up the ground, make sure it is leveled enough to install deck tiles. An uneven ground/surface will only make installation harder and the surface difficult to walk on. 

Stable Base

Moving on to the next step, it is time to use the shovel to put the fine grain gravel onto the space dug-out for the tiles. A layer of gravel is important as it offers maximum stability and makes sure the base of the deck tiles are perfectly even. Use a trowel to evenly spread out the gravel and pay attention to the details. 

You are very close to finishing this project now. Take out your deck tiles and position them carefully on the graveled area. Please make sure that you leave a space close to 1cm between the tiles and the ground as you position. Press down on the deck tile and carefully lower it on the ground. 

At this step, you can use a hammer and softly bring it down on the edges of the tiles to better fir it onto the grass. This will ensure that the deck tile has completely settled in the space you created for it. 

Successful Completion 

Congratulations, your tiles have been successfully laid down on the ground/grass. Feel free to enjoy the pristine and clean look you have created yourself. The best part is that these tiles can be lifted off anytime you decide to change the look again. But do remember, these tiles will not become unstable by themselves. 

Easy-peasy right? How about treating yourself to an easily installable Tanzite Stone Decks now? Get in touch for more information. 

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