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Online Sources of Sports News in Vietnam

Currently, there is a great deal of sports news in Vietnam, which can be found online. This is because Vietnamese athletes are very active and a large number of sportsmen and women are participating in international tournaments. This means that there is always plenty to write about.

YouSport 790

Whether you are looking for the latest information about sports in Vietnam, or you want to get your hands on tickets to upcoming events, the YouSport 790 website is a great source. The website is updated twenty-four hours a day, and features a community of sports fans. You can also read articles, watch videos, and play games.

YouSport is Vietnam’s largest sports news website, and it has gained a large following among sports fans. It offers information about all major sports events, as well as news and articles on local leagues. It also has a community of sports enthusiasts, and its articles are written by vetted professionals.

The site also offers an interactive sports calendar. It also features live reports on various sports events, including football matches. The site also offers videos and articles on international sports events.


Among the largest websites in Vietnam, 8X casino trực tuyến has a huge readership of 16 million people each month. It has an impressive database of breaking news stories and is updated regularly. It provides information about all kinds of sports in Vietnam, including basketball, volleyball, soccer, and even boxing events. You can even get live scores, predictions, and tickets for sports venues.

It has a mobile app for iOS users. EightX also has a comprehensive video library with videos about international competitions and sporting events. Its website features a calendar of upcoming events, and sports news articles written by vetted journalists. You can also check out its live scores, betting games, and discussion forums.

It is one of the largest websites in Vietnam, providing a variety of sports news, including volleyball and basketball. The site also provides information about sports leagues and teams in Vietnam. It also has an interactive sports prediction game. You can even get ticket booking and refund management services.

Xem the Thai 789

Xem the Thai 789 is one of the largest football news websites in Vietnam. It features articles, videos and a betting section that is especially useful for football fans. It also has a mobile application and an online forum. The website offers a comprehensive coverage of international football and other sports.

The website also features a free sports prediction game, which allows users to place bets on their favorite teams. The website also offers a large video library and a comprehensive archive of breaking news stories. The site also offers tickets to sporting events.

The site also features live scores, predictions and information on all major sports. There is also a calendar of upcoming events and a mobile application for Android and iOS. The site has a dedicated team of professionals and a community for sports fans.

Thanh Nien

Currently, Thanh Nien sports news in Vietnam is focused on the U21 football tournament. A total of 18 teams have qualified for the competition, which is to be held at PVF football center in Can Tho from December 2 to 12. This will be the first of a series of national football tournaments.

Thanh Nien sports news in Vietnam will also work with the Asian Football Confederation to bring international teams to Vietnam for the national tournaments. It is expected that Japan, Australia, Thailand, and Malaysia will participate. Several teams from Malaysia will participate in the first competition, which is scheduled to take place in October.

There are several sports news sites that cover sports events in Vietnam. They provide live scores and video content. These sites are very popular in Vietnam.

SEA Games 31

SEA Games 31 will be held in Hanoi from May 12 until May 23. Vietnam will welcome athletes and delegates from all 11 SEA member countries to participate. There will be over 7,000 athletes competing in 40 sports. In addition to sports, more than 3,000 artists and students will perform at SEA Games 31.

A flag-raising ceremony was held at the My Dinh National Sports Complex in Ha Noi on Wednesday. It was attended by more than 8,000 delegates.

The ceremony was attended by Vietnamese President Nguyen Xuan Phuc and international leaders. The president thanked athletes for their participation. He hoped that SEA Games 31 would contribute to the country’s image as a safe and stable destination. The ceremony emphasized the country’s contributions to Southeast Asia and integration.

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