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Top small-cap 100x gems to keep an eye on!

small-cap 100x gems. Almost all of the crypto assets tend to go parabolic and the crypto space appears to have plugged in the recovery mode.


The price of bitcoin seems to forefront towards $50000 after huge ups and downs, building hopeful momentum around the crypto market. 


Among them, below is the list of gems, small-cap 100x gems one needs to keep eye on. 


Helium TNT price to enter top 7 upturning Chainlink monarch 


Helium price showed tremendous beginning for November. However reached the monthly high, delivering the uptrend.


 The race seemed to be a bit dipping when the price started dropping down at the level around $29. Yet the price capsized and could maintain a notable uptrend.


The helium price probe one important resistance level here and there $30 yet ranged high noting to text next levels


Present the traders are plunging into the ring and aiming to rush towards the next level.


However, the bulls could enter at the right time halt shedding any gains from the recent surge.


Again the asset seems to range towards the next resistance level around $40 in the coming 2 to 4 days if the pace is consistent. Or else it would be achieved in the next couple


Consequently, the HNT price could combine with narrow ranges for narrow ranges and attain some strength. However, after good accumulation, the asset could next pull the leg up noting a 25% jump hitting 40% resistance level.


Fathom flourishing 118x swing-up


One of the underground 100X gems with a low cap. The altcoin has a market capitalization of $6 billion having the potential to turn over Cardano ADA in the coming bosh. However, the forecast has a healthy application comparison to ethereum


Moreover, FRM is compatible with EVM which consists of huge chunks of data at a convenient cost. In Addition, FRT is highly scalable when compared to Ethereum holding a sustainable fund. A champion shared a captivative chart that explained FTM, why it play down.


Accumetively, The ecosystem of FRM is evolving at a good pace. However, once traders get an idea of the advantages of the platform over another blockchain platform it will get its potential place as it deserves. FRM might be the most undervalued right now but it might get hyped very soon.


Terra is on the way to $100k 


Terra has a good capacity to consistently withstand the bearish over any altcoin. Terra luna seems to hit the market very soon. However, terra manages till now to be the second-largest TLV. One of the famous analysts analyzed the crypto market and suggested the present situation is very much good and could sustain a long way and would touch $100.


Under analysts, A notable number of long positions can be closed as soon as the asset hits the $100 mark. Furthermore, the RSI is also high, which suggests some possibility for a significant pullback. If the uptrend continues beyond $100, the altcoin could hit a new high around $106 initially. A prolonged rally could bring the price of LUna at $111 and then around $120.


Van Diancipin projection consists of two main levels that it thinks it can get it Altcoin.


 He thought that, in addition to the first quote, which can make it to the next and high levels of the next and high levels. “… $ 125, and we can increase $ 200, while the incremental extension is increased to the extension of Foniccy’s extension.”


 A registrar and analyzes, you are modic, known as the FENX, the lack of it. He has now learned to start up to 3 digits.


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