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The rules for obtaining Visa from Canada for students

Today many students are aspiring to study in the top universities of the world to build a lucrative career.
If you attain a degree from the most recognized institute, then you can secure top-notch jobs in reputed
organizations. The best universities of the world provide the placement assistance to the students apart
from providing the best amenities and education. Many students across the world are eager to study in
countries such as Canada. The most reputed universities of Canada are University of Toronto, University
of Waterloo, McGill University, University of Calgary, etc. These universities are accredited by the
government and their GG Index score is higher.

A student applying for Canadian universities should
obtain a visa. A student is not allowed to enter any country without Visa. So, a student’s aspiring to
study in Canada should know about Canada student visa rules.

How can a student obtain Visa to study in Canada

If a student wants to attain admission in top universities in Canada, then you should fulfill the eligibility
criteria. Then, you should apply to the universities that can easily permit you. To acquire comprehensive
information about the universities, you should preferably meet the educational counselors. The
counselors access your profile, and recommend programs to improve profile. Then, you can choose the
best universities that offer the course you require. Then, you can send applications along with
Statement of Purpose stating the goals of your life. You should also produce documents such as mark
sheets, certificate of merits, identity card, address and nationality proof, age proof etc .The universities also access the score of the competitive exams and your financial statements. They access your financial
statements to be ensured that you are able to pay the fees of the universities. If you win any
scholarship, then you should produce the certificate. If you are selected, then you should approach the
universities for an interview. So, you should obtain Visa for immigration to Canada and should be well-
aware of the Canada student visa rules.

You should know the Visa applicable for students and the rules to obtain Visa.

To study in Canada, you should obtain a study Visa. It is a written authorization stating that a student is
studying in Canadian universities and is studying a professional course engaging in academic activities.
So, if the student has applied for temporary Visa, then the Visa becomes invalid after completing the

Who can obtain Visa for studying in Canada?

The Canada immigration student Visa is provided to students who want to study a vocational or a
degree course. The students are able to study short-term programs of 6 months also. They can study a
full-time course in a reputed institute. A student may study a post-secondary course also. In Canada, the
students can study and also earn a living while studying. But, they are not permitted to work for more
than 20 hours a week when they are studying a regular session. A student is allowed to live in Canada if
he/she has applied for work permit before the expiry of the study limit Visa.


But an international student is not able to study in Canada unless they are authorized by the Act 212.
They should produce the written documentation provided by the University or institution they have

The Canada immigration student Visa is an authorization from Canadian government to allow the
student to Canada.

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