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What Do You Understand by Bonds?

The foremost thing that comes to the minds of folks when you talk about getting high returns in a short period with high risk is stock market investments. No doubt that the stock market is absolutely exciting and the news about people gaining wealth and becoming rich through high returns from shares overnight is quite common. Bonds, which may be considered by many as great investment options, do not have the same appeal. Even though they are highly stable with low risk. 

Bonds are popularly known for their high security and safety, and many investors ensure to have bonded to diversify their portfolios. So, the common queries we get from people are- what bonds are, how you can invest in them, and the risks involved when you invest in bonds. Well, you would get a hold of everything once you decide to explore bonds as an investment option, and once you know more about such things, you can get the best bonds to invest in India. 

A Quick Overview of Bonds 

Have you ever borrowed money from your known ones? If yes, we are sure that you took the money because you wanted to meet some of your daily requirements. Similarly, companies require money for expansion, scaling up the productions, launching new projects. In addition to this, the government too requires funds for social programs or to build infrastructure. In many instances, the money needed is more than what a bank can provide as a loan to the corporate. Hence, these companies issue bonds in the public domain. Several potential investors help raise the money by lending a specific portion of the funds that are required. In simpler words, bonds are somewhat similar to loans for which the investor is a lender. The company offering bonds is known as the issuer. You can treat the bonds as certificates that are given by the issuer to that of the lender, who in this instance is the investor.

Remember that everyone wants to make money from money, and therefore, investors only buy bonds when they get something in return. Hence, the issuer of the bonds pays interest over the principal amount invested by people. The interest on bonds gets paid at a fixed rate according to the prearranged schedule. The interest rate once it comes to bonds is mostly known as ‘Coupon ‘. The sum that is getting borrowed is known as the face value, and the day the sum needs to be repaid is called the maturity date. Bonds are the type of fixed income securities as the investor knows the sum of cash, he/she may receive back when they hold it until the time of maturity. Bonds are less dangerous when compared to stocks, but these also come with some sort of low returns.

Why is investing in bonds crucial?

Bond investment gets you a conveniently predictable income stream, and in different cases, bonds pay the interest two times in a year. In case the bold holder holds the bond till the time of maturity, the investor receives the entire principal amount, and thus, these are believed to be a perfect way to preserve one ‘s capital. 


We hope now you have got the gist of corporate bonds and why investing in them is crucial for your portfolio. There are numerous bonds available in the market. SMEST is the platform where you can get every detail of various corporate bonds and can invest in them as well without any hassle. Here, you can check out the best bonds to buy in India. You would find them game-changers for your portfolio. 

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