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What is coworking space

In this flexible working era, working in corporate office from 9 to 5 isn’t a thing anymore. Nowadays, people prefers working anywhere anytime yet being provided with conductive environment with good facilities. This is where coworking space medan comes in, coworking space provide the conductive environment to be productive, here are some of the reasons why coworking space is for you.

Coworking space has better facilities and environment than coffee shop and home

While, it is true that coffee shop has become better and better to suit current trend, coffee shop is still mainly focused on customer oriented, the design and the layout are not perfectly equipped for serious workers to consider, the lack of private cubicles means that any online meeting is not an option, the lack of facilities such as printer and etc are not provided in the coffee shop.

Working at home is not healthy for your mental and psychology.

Since the pandemic hit us in early 2020, many MNCs have adopted working from home policy, some of the proposition of working at home is to retain top employee by offering flexible work schedule, however one research shows that prolong working from home is not good for your physical dan mental state as physical social interaction is irreplaceable.

If one’s needs is to have quiet and private room, it is better to take private office medan than your own bedroom as private office. Working in the same room has high chance of losing the balance of working and relaxing. And at cradle space, you can the best of both, our communal area is suitable for you to relax and mingle after working long hours.

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