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Why you might not be happy with your sex life

You find watch the reruns of Seinfeld more pleasurable than your sex life. You’d rather eat a tub of chocolate than get in the mood for having a tryst in the bed. You like jammin in your jammies rather than wearing sexy lingerie.

You try not to think about why you have developed aversion or a lack of interest in sex. But it is important to get to the bottom of this problem, as having a healthy sex life is important for your mind and body.

 An active sex life also plays an important role for in your relationship. Feeling this way once in a blue moon is okay, as there are many worries that may occupy you and take your interest elsewhere but being in this perpetual state is a cause for concern.

In some cases, the loss in sex comes from sexual dysfunction, but that is something for which you can seek help of a sexologist in islamabad.

Understanding the dissatisfaction

Considering what is at stake, it is imperative that you understand why you may be unhappy with your sex life, that may also then morph into not wanting to have sex altogether. Some common culprits include:

Your diet is bad

Having a healthy diet is important for not only your physical but mental health, both. Since sex involves both these facets, therefore, if your diet is lacking, then it may lead to these issues.

 Consumption of too much alcohol is one thing you then need to stop. If your dietary habits have led to weight gain to the point of obesity, then it is also something that you should be addressing.

 You are too busy

When you are too preoccupied with things otherwise, sex is the last thing on your mind. And if you have to do with due to pressure from your partner, then that could possibly lead to negative associations with sex.

 Alongside asking for help around the house from your partner, talk to them about your schedule and work it out together.

You’d rather Netflix and chill

When you are not getting pleasure out of sex, which may primarily be due to lack of orgasm, then you’d naturally rather Netflix and chill since that is more pleasurable for you.

 Most often, this issue resides with women. Overwhelming majority of women do not climax from penetrative sex, and need a hand otherwise, pun intended.

Therefore, it is important that you talk this out with your partner. It may be hard for you, but it may otherwise lead to bigger relationship issues, not to mention that fact that it is not fair to you.

 Your energy levels are low, low, unlike you

Being too tired can leach all pleasure from life, including sexual pleasure. If your partner suggests having sex when you can barely move, then you do want to at least throw one profanity at them.

Sometimes, there are just spells of too much work that might be behind your fatigue, for which you should ask your partner to pitch in. Other times, it may also be due to your health conditions.

 Having iron-deficiency anemia can lead to chronic fatigue. So, alongside taking care of yourself, visit your doctor as well.

 You are not in sync with your partner

It is perfectly okay to not want sex when your partner does. However, this lack of synching may then lead to lack of sexual satisfaction then.

You are in pain

Sex needs to be pleasurable, not painful. Unfortunately, many women have to undergo painful sex, either due to lack of stimulation, or because of vaginal dryness which is common for menopausal women.

Some health conditions may also make having sex painful. If that’s the reason for your lack of pleasure, alongside introducing foreplay, also make it a point to visit your gynecologist at Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital for help.  

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