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World Vegan Day

It amazes us how far the movement has come. Vegan was a diet trend that grew to become a lifestyle choice, but we can still remember the days when veganism was just a diet option. This dedicated day promotes veganism’s joys and benefits. It also highlights how easy it can be to live a cruelty-free life, as well as raising awareness about the rights of our furry friends. Veganism requires that all animal-based products be rejected. However, a plant-based diet can encourage people to adopt this lifestyle. There are thousands of vegan recipes and altered versions of meat and milk online.


 1. World Vegan Day 

This lifestyle is believed to be beneficial for both your health and the well-being of animals.

World Vegan Day was established to allow vegans all over the globe to come together and celebrate their lifestyles, share their experiences, and meet like-minded people.


Vegans around the globe celebrate their vegan lifestyle every year on the 1st of November. . This date has been chosen because it is an international day for animal rights!


Louise Wallis, a UK celebrity, began to commemorate this event in 1994. She was the chair of The Vegan Society at that time, and they celebrated their 50th anniversary. This also marked the invention of veganism and the creation of The Vegan Society.


Wallis did not want the event coincide with other events like Halloween and Day of the Dead, and because of doubts about the exact date in November 1944 when the society was founded, Wallis decided that the first day of the month would be the best.


World Vegan Day, for many people, is a day that celebrates and commemorates their commitment to veganism. Exhibitions and seminars are held around the world to provide information on how to begin your own journey towards this lifestyle. There are free workshops held in Columbus, Ohio where experts answer any questions that attendees may have about protein intake or vitamin D deficiencies. Also, there are public debates among plant-based supporters with differing views. However, they all come under one banner: Nonhuman Liberation!



 2. Benefits Of A Vegan Lifestyle   

Vegan diets can provide all the nutrients that a person requires and can avoid some of the potential risks associated with animal fats. There are many health benefits that vegans have been linked to, including the ones listed below:


A vegan diet is richer in certain nutrients

You can eliminate animal products and meat by switching to a vegan diet instead of a Western-style diet.


You will eventually have to rely on other foods more. Whole-food vegans can replace meat with whole grains, fruits, vegetables and beans.


These foods can be a greater part of a vegan’s diet than the typical Western diet and contribute to a higher daily intake of certain nutrients.


Numerous studies have shown that vegan diets provide more fiber, antioxidants, beneficial plant compounds, and other benefits. They are also richer in vitamins A, C and E, as well as potassium, magnesium and folate.


Weight loss

A vegan diet is more likely to result in a lower body mass index (BMI), than people who follow other diets.


A 2015 study found that vegan diets are more effective in weight loss than semi-vegetarian, omnivorous and pesco-vegetarian diets. They also provide better macro nutrients. People can lose weight by replacing animal products with low-calorie, plant-based foods.


It seems to lower blood sugar and improve kidney function  

Being vegan can also help with type 2 diabetes or declining kidney function. Vegans have lower blood sugar levels, higher insulin sensitivity, and are therefore less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.


Protection against certain cancers

The World Health Organization estimates that about one third of all cancers can easily be prevented with factors you control, such as diet. Consuming legumes may, for example, reduce your chance of developing colorectal cancer by between 9-18%.


Research suggests that eating at least 7 portions of fresh fruits and veggies per day can lower your chance of developing cancer. Vegans tend to eat more legumes and fruits than nonvegans. This could explain why vegans have a 15% lower chance of getting or dying from cancer, according to 96 research studies. Reducing your exposure to certain animal products can also reduce the risk of colon, breast and prostate cancers.



 3. Kitchen Upgrades To Simplify Your Cooking 

The kitchen is often the busiest area in a home. It’s often considered the social center of a home and is the most likely room to see multiple remodeling over the lifetime of a house. The kitchen is also the most energy-intensive room, accounting for between 20 and 40 percent of the total consumption of the house. When you start your vegan lifestyle you will probably spend more time in the kitchen and consequently you will need to install some upgrades to simplify your cooking and save money.


Electric appliances

Kitchen upgrades are popular with new appliances. Appliances are an easy way of incorporating energy-saving features into your kitchen design. Modern appliances are energy star-rated, meaning that they use less electricity than previous models. This can help to lower your Ohio Edison bills over time.


Cooking appliances

Gas or propane is the best option to save energy on your stove top and oven. While installing gas hookups is expensive, it will pay off in the long term. Propane is an affordable and simpler option to gas hookups if you don’t have them installed in your home. Propane can also be stored in propane barrels and bottles on your property. The propane can then be connected to your cook top.  Gas and propane are better than electric ovens in terms of energy savings.



You can save $1,000 by switching to LED bulbs for your incandescent bulbs over the course of ten years. LED bulbs consume 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 25 times as long. Installing LED bulbs, and using individual switches to control your lighting fixtures, will reduce energy consumption and help you save money.



Windows save energy and capture natural light. Many homes in Ohio were built during the 1990’s and 2000’s, when windows technology wasn’t as advanced. These single-pane windows let in a lot of heat from the sun. Consider windows with tinting or other UV protection. You can reduce your cooling costs by installing new windows in the summer heat.



 Bottom Line

Vegan diets are becoming more popular and can have many health benefits including weight loss, better heart health, and a lower risk of developing chronic diseases. Research suggests that vegan diets are healthier for the environment. Vegans should plan their meals well to ensure they get enough nutrients.

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