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A Guide to Impostor Roles in Super Sus

Looking to maximize your strategic edge in Super Sus? Consider to top up Super Sus golden star from U7BUY to enhance your gaming experience right from the start! Super Sus, a game that turns deception into an art form, offers a variety of Impostor roles, each with unique abilities designed to disrupt the Spacecrew and drive the team to victory. Here’s an in-depth look at some of these Super Sus roles, providing strategies and tips on how to effectively play as an Impostor and manipulate the game to your advantage.

Impostor (Basic)

The foundational role among the Impostors, the basic Impostor’s goal is to covertly eliminate Spacecrew members and sabotage the spaceship. Winning strategies involve clever movement, strategic kills, and the effective use of chaos to divide and conquer.


The Spy role introduces an element of identity theft, allowing Impostors to assume the appearance of another player temporarily. This can be instrumental in framing innocent crewmembers or escaping suspicion after a contentious kill. Key to mastering the Spy is timing your transformations perfectly and keeping track of who is where.


Vigilers have the ability to create portals for rapid movement across the ship, mimicking the function of vents but with a visible entry and exit that can be spotted by observant players. The best Vigilers will place their portals in strategic, low-traffic areas to maximize mobility without getting caught.


A role designed for the more cunning players, Conjurers can place delayed curses on players that kill them after a short duration. Effective Conjurers will spread confusion and paranoia, casting suspicion away from themselves and onto others, making it essential to remain unseen when casting.


Specializing in the macabre, Undertakers can move bodies to new locations, potentially using this ability to set traps or confuse the Spacecrew further. Creative use of this role involves moving bodies to less frequented areas or even staging scenes to mislead the crew about the nature of the killings.


Janitors can clean up bodies, erasing evidence of murders before they can be reported. This role is crucial in games with multiple Impostors, allowing for a clean sweep of the spaceship without leaving a trail. Coordination with other Impostors to optimize killing and cleaning is key.


This Super Sus role allows players to become virtually invisible for short periods. Chameleons must manage their visibility wisely, using their powers to escape or prepare ambushes. Success as a Chameleon depends on knowing when to hide and when to strike, balancing risk with potential reward.


Blackjacks gamble with fate by guessing the roles of other players, potentially eliminating them instantly if they guess correctly. This high-risk, high-reward strategy requires keen observation and a bit of luck, making it a thrilling but unpredictable role.

For those who are just diving into the world of Super Sus, mastering these Impostor roles can transform your gameplay, turning each match into a deep, strategic battle of wits. To delve deeper into the Super Sus roles and strategies, don’t miss the Super Sus Overview on U7BUY, offering insights and tips to perfect your playstyle!

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