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13 Escape Room Games for All Ages of Children 

Are you looking for something unique, some enthralling and super fun virtual escape room games that match your IQ and age? You are at the right place if so! 

Engagement with virtual escape games like clue chase is something anyone who has played it before years for. The typical thinking factor and analysis included in it by every participant tends to improve their logical perceptions and boost wise thought processes while finding cues and linking them with one another. This eventually lets you lead your way out of the locked room, an ultimate escape! 

There are quite a few to even try out with your family. This blog particularly enlists the best virtual escape rooms for children of all ages. You’ll be amazed to know how many are available online. Some of them are so tricky, yet some are adventurous! Read on to find out. 

  1. Hanukkah 

If you observe Christmas and Hanukkah in your culture and family, you can consider trying out a Hanukkah escape room. By indulging in it, you can commemorate any side of your family. Anybody who desires to understand a wee bit more about what Hanukkah is observed can explore this escape room, which was created to teach children about the festival! 

  1. Language Escape 

In this accessible, straightforward, and cost-free activity, students solve a series of riddles utilizing several types of figures of speech. Moreover, no locks, boxes, or concealed items are needed for this escape room adventure! This is a fantastic assignment for students in third through fifth grade. 

  1. Free Mindset Escape 

Each participant can race against the time to solve riddles in our free escape rooms. What’s best? Such escape rooms require NO PREPARATION! I appreciate minimal preparation because I have to take care of my husband, my puppy, and a newborn. 

  1. Island Escape 

Leave the island now! With the help of the activity papers and decoders, children utilize their literacy skills to get off the island. This one involves a little more preparation than the previous freebies, but it is absolutely worth it! The ideal target audience for this strategy game is primary-grade kids. 

  1. Classroom Code Escape 

This free application, which offers escape rooms for students in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, is HIGHLY recommended (kids ages 5 to 10). The entire arithmetic experience goes over material covered in previous grades. Your child might like this a lot as a component of a household game night! 

  1. Mummy’s Tomb 

As a learner, you will appreciate deciphering pictographs, and we are confident you will in this unrestricted Ancient Egypt Tomb Room Escape Game. Students are required to navigate through a complex set of reading comprehension-based tasks. 

  1. French-Indian War Escape 

A comprehensive and exciting exercise that can be played online or in person, this free historical resource is an escape game. The French and Indian War is examined, and a history of incidents and personalities from that era is covered. 

  1. The Cold War Escape 

A thrilling technique to transport children back in time and show them what happened from the Truman Doctrine to the Space Race is the Cold War Digital Escape Room. The fantastic thing about this resource is that students must unquestionably understand the material to leave the virtual classroom. 

  1. Asteroid Challenge 

This virtual escape room for the Asteroid Challenge is fantastic! Who doesn’t like the suggestion of utilizing a “Big Space Blaster”? It simultaneously encompasses stem discipline principles. Students in second grade must figure out clues for a thrilling escape task. 

  1. Digital Escape 

In this free challenge, students are imprisoned in a Gothic castle in their nightmares. “A Dream Within a Dream” by Edgar Allan Poe inspired this online escape room game. It gives pupils a chance to have some escape room excitement while demonstrating their mastery of figures of speech. 

  1. Narnia 

Once more, a fantastic free online digital Escape from Narnia adventure was discovered. You would really enjoy anything fantasy-related, but the best part is that it’s a magnificent, instructive journey! I wouldn’t want to escape, but kids of all ages will use critical thinking and proficiency skills to run. 

  1. Mermaid 

My sixth-grader designed this escape room. It was made with students in the second and third grades in mind. To obtain her Leaders in Action (LIA) badge, she created it by assisting a group of Girls in completing their Wonders of Water Journey. Each level rewards you with a suggestion to help safeguard water and our marine about being an enjoyable sequence of challenges. 

  1. Science Tools Escape 

Examine scientific tools with the help of unlimited free escape room experiences! Each task has a question with numerous choice options that send the user to a graphic that encourages or instructs them to try again. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your teammates and dive into these virtual escape realms now! 

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