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5 benefits of using Instagram Stories in 2022

On Instagram, the Stories offer to create ephemeral content to showcase your brand. Not governed by Instagram’s algorithm, the content is available for 24 hours and is presented at the top of the page in bubbles to be activated by the user.

Do you have a business Instagram account and wondering what Stories can do for you compared to organic posts in the News Feed? Here are five not-inconsiderable advantages why you should consider them for your brand! So grab attention with Instagram Stories and makes an opportunity to Gain Instagram Followers.

You hold the attention

  Since Instagram Stories are part of the app, users devote much of their time to them, reducing the time they allocate to the traditional news feed. Furthermore, thanks to the automatic scrolling of Stories, as soon as a user views one, they can continue watching all the Stories of the accounts they follow simply by touching their screen to move on to the next ones, and, more often than not, he is tempted to do it to the end.

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 In addition, if you add a hashtag, the Stories are visible even to those who do not follow you. Therefore, it is a second direct access to your brand and content, which is not negligible. This an excellent opportunity to stand out from your competitors and make your brand even more integrated into the daily life of your subscribers through their friends or favorite influencers. Save time with Instagram Stories, the aesthetics of the Crème Soda events account

You save time

 Many companies lack time to publish content on their Instagram account, mainly because they must respect their graphic charters and the aesthetic or photographic aspect they have adopted for their performance.

The execution then becomes a little heavier, and this often prevents them from publishing elements that would be interesting for their subscribers. But, on the other hand, the content of Stories being more natural, the quality of these is much less demanding than that of publications.

So, if you don’t have good photos on hand or your graphic designer is unavailable to provide you with the visual you want, you can turn to Stories! They allow you to publish content more spontaneously and less polished.

You benefit from free “advertising.”

Enjoy free advertising with Instagram Stories Mentions and Clickable Links in Sarah Couture Stories. One downside to organic News Feed posts is that they can’t contain a clickable link. For users to click directly, you must go through advertising… or Stories!

 They are all indicated to fulfill your marketing objectives related to reaching, traffic, app installs, video views, or conversions. Thanks to all the features, including the text tool, live, boomerang, drawing tool, emojis, stickers, hashtags, and citations, you can publish creative and original content for your followers. Recognize your community with Instagram Stories Re-shares by subscribers in the Stories of Chocolate Favors

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You recognize your community

 One of the best uses of Stories is to re-share your followers’ content easily. Whatever your marketing goal, user-generated content on your brand is a gold mine. First, you give importance and consideration to your followers. Then, they will be happy to receive a mark of recognition from you.

They thus feel that they are an active part of your community and maintain a close relationship with you. Second, you increase your notoriety on Instagram significantly by using the original content of your followers.

 Third, you directly show your community how your followers experience your brand. Nothing better than a brand staged by a customer to give the taste to other customers! It’s a ripple effect: “if he does it, I can do it too”! Fourth, invite your community to share photos or Stories of them with your products by identifying yourself so that you can re-share them afterward.

Thus, you will also be visible to their subscribers, and you will encourage your community to produce content related to you.     

You get direct feedback

Get direct feedback with Instagram Stories Surveys in Picnic Electronic Stories Instagram Stories provide particularly effective immediate input from your targets. Indeed, thanks to the poll, questions, and private messaging features, you can directly test the interest or opinion of your subscribers.

You can ask them what content they like to see or what they think of your latest post. Then, you can ask them to choose between two products, themes, and tests. The possibilities are endless, and you instantly get an overview of your community’s attitude and opinion on your brand or content.

To conclude, remember that Instagram Stories are a great way to communicate with those who are interested in your brand and have the potential to become good ambassadors for you. It’s an incredible gateway into your business, allowing your community to feel closer to you and to interact with your brand. This will be a beneficial step for you to increase Instagram followers immediately. If you want to discuss your social media strategy, do not hesitate to do this!

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