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5 Destinations of Saudi Arabia That Are Underrated and Should Get More Attention

Saudi Arabia is well-known for its Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages. Muslims from all over the world come here to fulfill their religious duties. Muslims of UK continuously look for opportunities to visit Arabia. For their religious journey they can get cheap umrah packages 2022 and to visit other cities they can avail a double destination deal within Saudi Arabia. Other cities for tourism are likewise well-developed, although there are many sites worth seeing that go undetected. While the majority of Saudi Arabia is heavily developed, a large portion of the country still retains its stunning scenery. The nation features magnificent scenery, towering mountains, stress-relieving beaches, and much more. From a long list of underrated Saudi Arabian attractions, these are the top five that need a lot of publicity:


Unaizah is the 2nd biggest city in Al Qassim province, located on the northern side of Riyadh and the southern side of Buraydah. It has greatly aided in the rise of Islam and served as a rest station for those going from Mesopotamia to Mecca and Medina. The city is surrounded by large sand dunes called Al Ghamis Sands to its west and north. Al-Ghadha Woods positioned to the north of the municipality, is another natural wonder. Unaizah is well-known for its salty lake, Al-Aushaziayh (sabkha), as well as other undiscovered tourist attractions inside and outside the city. The trip to Unaizah would be empty without a stop at Alghda Heritage Village, Al Mooze Mosque, Clock Square Unaizah, Lake Al Oushzih, and Al Bassam Heritage Site. Unaizah’s closest airport is Gassim Airport ELQ, which is approximately 46.3 kilometers away. The greatest season to travel Unaizah is springtime, when the country is blanketed in a calming atmosphere.


Tayma is ideally positioned on the northwestern border of Saudi Arabia, in which the Nefud land tends to intersect the trade routes between Dumah and Madinah. Tayma’s success and expansion are due to the presence of an oasis in the region. Historical results indicate that the town has been inhabited ever since the bronze period. Tayma has a significant heritage and legacy, thus there are various archaeological grounds showing Saudi Arabia’s old civilization. Bir Haddaj in Tayma is a well that was constructed centuries earlier. It draws travelers from all over the globe, including Saudi Arabians. Numerous ancient monuments and museums in the Tayma showcase the region’s different historical arts and literature. Moreover, Tayma has a surge in visitors throughout the months of January and February. Tourists may enjoy superb eating selections at restaurants such as Al Aali Restaurant, Taima Restaurants, and many others.

Al Kharj

It’s a fusion of heritage, joy, and exuberance. Al Kharj is an important governorate nestled on the southwestern side of Riyadh. It has several unseen tourist attractions and is one of Saudi Arabia’s most undervalued places. It is located 100 km south of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital. The classic palm and mud-brick houses may still be found in the historic portions of town. The city is home to a number of enticing gardens and cultural museums. It is among the most preferred places to live in the country, yet it is not well-known as a tourist spot. However, there are many hotels to stay and Adwaa Rafa, Marahel Kharj Aparthotel3, and Retaj Hotel Apartments provide first-rate accommodations for visitors from all over the world. Popular attractions of this place are Al Kharj Park Zoo, Al Kharj Water Tower, Al-Baijan Amusement Park, Jaw Mall, and King Salman Walkway. Because Al Kharj has an excellent climate in January, February, and December, travelers flock here to appreciate the picturesque surroundings.


Hail is a historical and cultural center. It was originally the capital of the entire Arabian desert and is now the capital of the Kingdom’s north-central area. Hail was formerly a significant commercial hub owing to the abundance of precipitation coming from the adjacent mountains and its location on caravan trade routes. Nowadays, Hail is well-known for its magnificent tourist attractions and for holding major desert activities such as the Hail International Rally. Tourists must visit Al Nafud desert, Aarif fort, Barzan castle, Al Qishlah castle, Hail souq, and Hail flea market while in Hail. Moreover, Holiday Villa Hail and Luxury Millennium Hail Hotel offer visitors in Hail a pleasant and friendly lodging. Because Hail has chilly winters, the optimal time to come to the town is from March to November.


Khyber seems to have a rich cultural background that is filled with significant events. It is the site of the Battle of Khyber, which took place in 628 CE. The most main attraction in this area is Fort Khyber. It is an oasis positioned approximately 153 km north of the sacred city of Madinah. Khyber is flanked by a plethora of palm trees owing to the abundance of wells and a complicated yet functional irrigation system. The lush flora existing now offers an impression of how the city must have appeared 2000 years earlier when it had a continual source of groundwater. The city is also well-known for its excellent date agriculture. Khyber is a well-defended city with forts such as Al Saab, Al-Nizar, and Abi. In the Khyber region, there are approximately eight similar structures. During the year, the city sees a variety of weather conditions. As a result, travelers may explore the city at any time of year to experience the serene tourist attractions. Moreover, the local airport is Bisha Airport, which is 31 km from the city.

In A Nutshell,

The destinations featured here are merely a taste of Saudi Arabia’s lesser-known tourism. The Kingdom has so much more to provide than the few locations mentioned in this article. Saudi Arabia will never let you down if you are adventurous. The country is home to an oasis, mountain ranges, beaches, historical monuments, contemporary cities, and a variety of other beautiful landscapes. Trips to Saudi Arabia are rising at an extraordinary pace, as nobody likes to omit this enchanted Kingdom from their checklist of must-see destinations.

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