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7 SEO Tips for High-Traffic Success

If we start telling you SEO tips, then thousands of tips will be added to the list. But here we will tell you the 7 advanced SEO tips for high ranking and traffic. These tips will help you cut down the SEO pricingBecause using these tips you will be doing effective things on your own.

#1. It’s A Fast-Moving World

No matter if you are serving quality content. If your web pages are not loading fast, then you cannot rank higher. Users will click the link to your site, but if it takes more time. Then no user will spend more time on your website.

Ways To Make It Faster

Stop spending money on plans with expensive SEO pricing. There are many tools to check the speed of your webpages. Google PageSpeed Insights is the best one to use. See insights of your page and ask your development team to make it faster.

#2. Sound Natural, Not Computerised

Always try to sound natural on your website. Keep in mind that you are writing for your visitors, those are humans. But these days most of the sites think that they are writing for search engines. They write in a way that their posts sound computerized. Instruct your content writing team to focus on it.

Ways To Make It Natural

We know that you have to add keywords in your posts. Try to convey the right information through posts. Rather than just stuffing keywords, try to spend money on quality content along with your SEO pricing budget.

#3. Authentic Or No Backlinks

If you can get authentic backlinks, then get them now. But never try to get backlinks from unauthentic sources. Bad backlinks can harm the reputation of your website. Don’t try to buy backlinks from cheap sources. It is not a good idea to get backlinks this way.

Ways To Get Authentic Links

Try to find authentic sources for backlinks. Inbound links will not only bring traffic but also will rank your website higher on SERPs. Authentic links can lessen your SEO pricing. Ask some authentic websites to generate links.

#4. Visitors & Crawlers Read URLs Too

Most of the websites ignore URLs. Because they think that visitors and crawlers are never going to read this part. But always keep in mind that visitors and crawlers, both of them read URLs. Rather than using automatically generated URLs, try to edit them.

Ways To Attract With Readable URLs

You can simply attract search engine crawlers and more traffic with readable URLs. Try to reflect the topic of your post in the URL. You must use the focus keyword in your edited and readable URLs also. Using this tip will help you reduce SEO pricing.

#5. Never Skip The Basics

Never forget to use the basics of search engine optimization. It is not good to skip the basics and implement advanced SEO techniques. The basics are the basis of your On-Page SEO strategy. No advanced techniques will help you if you have ignored the basics.

Ways To Implement Basic SEO Methods

Always keep in mind the very basic things. Along, with it, optimizing the meta description and title of each web page is a basic but important SEO method.

#6. Optimize The Visuals Too

There will be no hike in your SEO pricing if you follow this tip. It is about optimizing the visuals. You may have visuals on your website along with the text. These visuals are very important to optimize.

Ways To Optimize The Visuals

Before you upload an image, video, or animated image, rename its filename. Leaving the common filename convention, you have to use keywords for filenames. Also use image alt tags, video titles, captions, etc.

#7. Audit & Analyze Regularly

This tip will add more expenses to your SEO pricing. But it will add more value to your SEO plans. An SEO audit will tell you much more about the SEO health of your website.

Ways To Audit Your Website

Many ways are there to audit your website for SEO. You can hire an SEO analyst for you or ask an SEO company to do this. An audit will help you a lot.


We haven’t only focused on basic SEO tips, that everyone is talking about. Rather than it, we have focused on some important SEO tactics. So it is important to use these SEO tips for higher ranking and more organic traffic. Following are the 7 key points to remember.

Points To Remember From This Post

  • Each page on your site must load completely within 3 seconds.
  • High-quality content, which can engage the audience.
  • Get inbound links to your website from authentic sources.
  • Don’t ignore URLs. Make them readable.
  • Optimize images, videos, and even GIFs on your pages.
  • Implement basic SEO strategies like keyword stuffing, optimized meta-description, etc.
  • Get your website audited for SEO analysis.

Share if you loved reading this post. With these amazing tips, you can save money from hiring SEO services. SEO pricing will be lowered for you if you implement these SEO tips for high traffic.

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