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A Comprehensive Guide for Counter costs for Kitchens in 2022

The cost of a counter in the kitchen for a single person living has changed dramatically. The concrete countertops can cost between $65 to $125 for a square foot to install.

If you’re considering adding new countertops to your kitchen, there’s a chance that you’re among the 95 percent of those planning to make changes who say they think countertops for kitchens are their top priority this year.

It isn’t easy to select the ideal countertop for your kitchen. There are many kinds of countertops available, and each comes with its price. Quartz, for instance, is a gorgeous material that’s highly durable and long-lasting, yet it’s also among the more costly options that are on the list. So, granite offers many advantages in heat resistance, but it is more expensive than counters made of wood or laminates.

The cost of kitchen countertops will rise by 2022. The price for a quartz countertop is currently $1500. You might pay as much as $2,000. Granite costs about the same price as quartz. However, you can anticipate increasing by 10 percent by 2022. Before installing your counters or updating your current counters, be aware of this.

This guide to consumers offers the top countertop options along with each advantage and drawback and the typical installation price.

  1. Granite counter
  2. Quartzite counter
  3. Soapstone counter
  4. Countertops made of granite with a solid finish 
  5. Granite countertops made from slate
  6. Concrete counter
  7. Countertops made of stainless steel
  8. Marble countertops

1. Granite countertops:

Granite is a natural rock countertop product sought-after in kitchens over the years. So, granite countertops are becoming more sought-after due to their availability and affordability.


Granite is costly. Prices between $85 and $175 per square foot installed are not uncommon, depending on the granite slab’s size, color, thickness, and pattern, manufacturer/supplier and installer, and where you live.

2. Quartzite countertops:

Don’t be confused with countertops marked “quartz” – made of an artificial material of 90 percent quartz, with 10 percent resin quartzite. Quartzite is a naturally occurring rock that forms a form of sandstone. It transforms into quartzite once subjected to heat and pressure. So, the resultant white or gray rock can be beautiful, with the appearance of streaks of color. It has the appearance of marble but retains the quality of granite.


The cost of installing quartz countertops is $85-$150 for each square foot of area, depending on the type of quartzite that you pick and where you live.

3. Soapstone countertops:

Soapstone is a natural stone that takes its name because of its surface’s soft and soapy feel. It’s a natural gray with veins with lighter hues that run through it. So, soapstone was used as kitchen countertops for a long time. It is natural-looking in the rustic kitchen.


Generally, soapstone countertops range between $65 and $125 per square foot, depending on the region you reside within and on the amount of thickness that you’d prefer.

4. Countertops made of granite with a solid finish (Corian):

The concept was first proposed in the 60s, and then it was later marketed as Corian concrete countertops made from acrylic and polymer blends. So, they were initially designed to look like natural stones. They also have the advantage of being more durable and less porous.


The square feet are between $55 and $85, depending on the color you pick.

5. Granite countertops made from slate:

Slate is a very soft and hard natural stone, akin to soapstone, its sister stone. As opposed to soapstone, the slate isn’t porous and requires any maintenance. Slate can be found in various shades, both dark and subtle and naturally matte. So, this process is long-lasting and makes the most durable material suitable for daily use.


Around $75-$150 per square foot of space for installation

6. Concrete countertops:

Concrete countertops have been trending for a long time now, especially those who love the industrial or rustic look and won’t slow down in popularity.


The average concrete countertop cost ranges from $65 to $125 for a square foot of installation. However, prices can vary substantially because concrete countertops are typically DIY-friendly?

7. Countertops made of stainless steel:

Countertops made of stainless steel have been the choice of chefs working in kitchens for a long time because of the stain and heat resistance of stainless steel, in addition to its general durability.


Between $75 and $150 for the installation depending on the thickness of the steel

8. Marble countertops:

Marble is the natural rock when sediment is pressed against pressure to create crystals. It’s not as durable as granite countertops in wisconsin, but it’s not as soft as soapstone. So, there are a variety of natural colors that you can choose from, such as black, gray-white, yellow, pink, and green, all with distinct mineral lines.


Most commonly between $150-200 dollars per square foot based on thickness and quality.


The cost of countertops keeps rising. It is essential to determine what you’d like and payback. It’s also worth adding an extra $300 to $400 annually for maintenance and repairs to your countertops in the kitchen. So, the information above regarding the price of natural stones has increased by 150% over the past few years, and the cost of installing quartz countertops has risen by just 10. The book also has a handy graph that lists the cost averages for different stones and lets you get started with your plans today.

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