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Best new electric cars to look forward to 2022-25

Demand for electric cars is going up and up but should you buy one right now or should you wait for what’s around the corner these are some of the most significant go to work on for a great deal on your next new car the key for each one is the smaller sibling to out ease each on electric SUV and has been seen in thinly-veiled concept form already it’s slightly wider and shorter than today’s q5 and it’s powered by two electric motors producing around 302 brake horsepower the 82 kilowatt hour battery pack mounted under the q4 e-tron’s floor is said to give an official range of up to 280 miles the production version of the e-tron GT will be a four wheel-drive 4-door coupe a that is very closely related to the Porsche taken power comes from two electric motors that together produce 582 brake horsepower allowing the car to accelerate from nought to 62 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds and on to a top speed of 149 miles per hour this BMW i-4 is based on the second generation 4 Series Gran Coupe a and is gunning for the Tesla Model 3 it should have an impressive 375 mile range and produce 523 brake horsepower a slightly less controversially designed offering from BMW is the eye x3 its arrival to the Audi e-tron and Jaguar ipace which is based on the regular x3 an anticipated official range of 249 miles matches

what thee-Tron manages while prices

Predicted to start at 56,000 pounds the Fiat 500 has become one of the most iconic cars on the road and it’s going to be reborn as a 200-mile electric car price from around 30,000 pounds this electric Mustang SUV produces up to 333 brake horsepower and can travel 370 miles between charges you can watch our in-depth video on it by clicking on the link in the top right corner of the screen Jaguars flagship model will retain its sleek profile but switch to a five-door body and electric power targeting a real-world range of around 300 miles while today’s XJ is a fairly conventional luxury saloon next year’s replacement

will be exclusively sold as an electric car

Making it a direct rival to the Tesla Model S and the Porsche has taken the first fully elec Trek land rover will be its most Road focused car yet but the actual name is still to be confirmed like the XJ it will be powered by two electric motors giving the road rover four-wheel-drive prices for top-end versions are expected to reach up to around 90 thousand pounds the conventionally powered version of the highly anticipated Maserati Alfieri sports car is due to go on sale later this year and a year after that it will be followed up by an all-electric version the electric Alfieri will have three electric motors and four-wheel-drive a plug-in hybrid version is also on the cards combining SUV looks with the 250-mile range this

Will be Mercedes cheapest electric car

And will be closely related in its design to the GLA we will also see the EQ be based on the GLB the EQ II which will sit alongside the e-class the eq s a luxury electric car which could be priced above the s-class and offer 435 miles of range from a full charge and they’ll be an e QV which is based on the V Kloss MPV you can only buy the Polestar to online and it’s priced from 50,000 pounds even if that sounds expensive to you it’s still a more attainable version of the far pricier Polestar one expect 402 brake horsepower and arranged around 300 miles cheaper versions of the Polestar 2 will arrive in the future the SE  l born that we’ve seen is a concept car but a production version very similar to it is expected to be revealed soon it’s a leyon sized hatchback based on VW’s ID 3 and you should be able to charge it up from naught to 80% in around 50 minutes from a 100-kilowatt rapid charger this is a cheaper Skoda badge version of the Volkswagen ID 4 we’ve got an in-depth video with all the details

which you can watch by clicking on the link in the corner of your screen the second-generation Tesla Roadster is an all-electric four-seat convertible that’s claimed to accelerate from naught to 60 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds with three electric motors, the Roadster is said to have a top speed of more than 250 miles per hour while in advance 200-kilowatt hour battery gives a range of more than 600 miles prices are expected to start at around 190,000 pounds for the first models we were showing it back in 2017 but maskers recently admitted that plans will take a back seat while the cyber truck and the Tesla Model Y are pushed through into production click on the link to watch our model y in-depth video Volkswagen is no stranger to electric

vehicles but the new id3 hatchback are the brand’s first car to have been designed as an Eevee from the outset as opposed to the e-golf and setup which are electrified variants of existing cars the more powerful of the two electric motors you can choose to develop 201 brake horsepower and the id3 will be available with three sizes of battery the biggest battery gives you a range of 341 miles the mid-range option which VW expects most bars to go for allows 260 miles and the smallest battery 205 miles based on the ID CROs concept car this Tiguan sized SUV has

Two electric motors and is expected to have a 311-mile range new technology

Includes voice control software that can be used to open the doors and engage semi-autonomous driving functions it’s expected to be priced around 38,000 pounds the ID buzz MPV features a retro design that draws heavily on the Volkswagen microbus of the 1950’s it has seating for up to eight people in a configurable interior with space for luggage at both the front and the rear what’s more the steering wheel will retract into the center console when the car is driving itself although this pilot mode won’t be available from launch the Volvo XC 40 is one of the most impressive SUVs around so this fully electric version should get a pretty good head start in life it will be able to travel for up to 248 miles on a full charge and is expected to cost around 50,000 pounds so those are the most important electric cars you can expect over the next couple of years but to buy a car right now and get a great deal you should head to what car-kann.


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