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Best Things to do in Jaisalmer in 2022

Jaisalmer is the closest to the west that many people can get in India. It’s scorched, hot and secluded. What attracts people to a town just a few feet from the Pakistan border? It is the ‘ Golden City’ as it is now described as a beautiful city. A massive fort is situated on an incline in the middle of the town, and it overlooks the sun-kissed buildings.

Dunes close to downtown are an important popular tourist spot for camel safaris and jeep safaris. I’ve discovered a myriad of great places and amazing activities in Jaisalmer, the “Golden City” of India.

Sunset Camel Ride in sand dunes of Jaisalmer

The most well-known spot on Camel Safaris in India is the desert surrounding Jaisalmer, located in Rajasthan. For the most enjoyable experience, you must include this place in your Rajasthan travel packages.

The Sam Sand Dunes, which are no longer appealingly commercialized and packed, attract the majority of travelers. The dunes near Khuri villages located in Desert National Park are more serene, but they have begun to draw many visitors.

If you plan an excursion with camels from Jaisalmer, you are most likely to include a stop at the abandoned Kuldhara village along the way to Khuri.

Have breakfast with peacocks at Khaba Fort

Suppose you’re not afraid of getting up early. In that case, you can choose to eat breakfast in the ruin of an abandoned fort situated in the desert while admiring the amazing spectacle of a large crowd of peacocks arriving to feed an opportunistic local boy.

The stunning birds are seen in the morning at Khaba Fort, located in an abandoned village of Paliwal, approximately 40 minutes to the west of Jaisalmer (towards the Sam Sand Dunes).

Parasailing in Jaisalmer

The sky could be the limit, but a few of us were created to fly! Although it’s not the most thrilling sport, parasailing can be an incredibly fun one since it gives you the experience of flying. Fly across the vast desert using only parachutes above and the vehicle below to anchor you. Fly off!

Quad bicycle in Jaisalmer

Indeed, the look of quad bikes will always inspire the child inside you. There’s something about the feeling of putting on the helmet and riding on an enormous 4×4 that is appealing! Explore a trail through the jungle or wander through the desert without the limitations of a jeep.

There are plenty of options available in riding quad bikes in Jaisalmer, and certain packages also provide smaller 50CC. Go on a whirlwind and create memories! Desert Safaris have several Quad bikes and All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs).

Camel racing in Jaisalmer

The practice of riding camels and horses as a pastime is embedded in the culture of Rajasthan, and Jaisalmer is no different. It was, after all, the capital of the royal family and was a vital element of the Silk Route!

The majority of tours and safaris with camels give the option of racing through the dunes, usually with a qualified rider. Every year, the Desert Festival held in February also features camel races.

Dune Bashing in Jaisalmer

Dune Bashing is one of the most sought-after experiences in Jaisalmer. If you’ve thought that you must visit Dubai or one of the other Gulf countries to go dune bashing, then your thoughts will shift once you arrive at this area of the Thar Desert.

Here the dune bashing experience in Sam Sand Dunes is very popular with adventurers and tourists. This is the perfect spot for dune bashing and other activities of adventure within the dunes.

Desert Camping at Jaisalmer

Desert Camping in the Thar Desert is a wonderful adventure in Jaisalmer. It has a variety of luxurious accommodations within the Thar Desert, surrounded by beautiful desert for tourists. It is an ideal trip for couples looking to have a good time away from the city.

Boating at Gadisar lake

Gadisar Lake is an artificial lake situated within the middle of the town. Anyone interested in watersports should consider taking a boat trip to this lake. It’s a nice way to get away from the rush of city life.

This lake has several Hindu temples, and you can experience the wonderful sound of the rituals while boating. In the winter months, the lake transforms into the temporary home of several migratory birds, which makes your boating experience even more stunning.

Go to the International Indo-pak border

It’s the box adventure for Jaisalmer to try. If you’re looking for various things to do in Jaisalmer to engage in, you must consider this option.

While you are there, you will see several posts belonging to the Indian army, like Longewala or Tanot. On this trip, you will see many stunning locations in the vicinity. You can also observe the tanks of the army. Along the border are a few ancient temples worth exploring on your way back. On the way, you may also sample the local food.

For a trip to the Indo-Pak border, you must obtain authorization from the Indian government and military by showing the appropriate documents.

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