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Best Tips To Use Your Credit Card Internationally To Save Money

Spending, handling and transferring money online has become exceedingly popular in the last
ten years or so and has now actually become a way to deal with scarcity or lack of cash, among
various other important uses.

Unlike the years past, going cashless has become a very popular and viable option. Credit cards
are a really popular way to make purchases these days, be it offline or online. Credit cards are
versatile and have a ton of uses. They are issued by various financial institutions. They allow
customers holding said cards to borrow money to pay for products both online and offline,
including various services like subscriptions of OTT apps, hotel stays, movie tickets and even
hospitals that accept these credit cards.

Additionally, these cards often have various schemes like cashbacks, reward points that can be
redeemed for discounts, a ton of benefits on international spending and purchases and myriad
other benefits. If you are looking to avail some of these benefits and maybe get a credit card for
yourself, then the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard is the best credit card in the market.
It offers all the features and benefits of a regular credit card, but at the same time, it also offers
a ton of other exclusive “super-features”. These include the ability to switch your card service
on or off within a few seconds, interest-free cash withdrawal for up to fifty days and its insta-
card service.

This credit card is also considered to be the best credit card for shopping because of its
cashback offers, reward points and the possibility of converting high-end purchases into easy
EMIs. The Bajaj Finserv co-brand credit card is also regarded as one of the best international
credit cards in India, providing a plethora of benefits. Furthermore, if you are going abroad,
you should be aware of a few tips to reduce your expenditure. Let us look at a few such
suggestions which will help you save money when you travel abroad.

1. Avoid using the DCC feature –

DCC is a feature of your credit card that enables you to
spend money and make a purchase abroad using your own country currency at the
place of payment, if you are paying using your credit card. While making purchases
abroad through your credit card, you should avoid using this DCC feature. While this
feature makes it easy to comprehend the amount you are paying and hence eliminates
the need to do difficult math for currency conversion, this service in itself frequently
has exchange rates and additional charges or fees. These can often make the

transaction more expensive than if you just paid in the local currency of that country.
Some of us have a hard time mentally converting foreign cash into INR, at least while
we are purchasing items. While making the actual payment, foreign businesses take
advantage of this fact and try to exploit unsuspecting consumers by proposing to quote
the total amount in INR. Additionally, without the tourist’s knowledge, they convert the
currency at a very uncompetitive exchange rate, costing the consumers a ton of money.

2. Avoid using ATMs when travelling abroad –

Use an ATM to withdraw money using a
credit card only in cases of severe cash crunch or an emergency. A cash advance fee is
levied when you withdraw money from an ATM using your credit card. However, this
can be quite significant. Not only will you incur a cash advance fee, but at the same
time, you will also have to pay interest on the amount you withdraw along with the
additional foreign transaction costs. Even the cash withdrawal interest rates are
oftentimes significantly more than those imposed on direct purchases made using the
same credit cards. Moreover, there is no grace period, so the amount will begin
accruing interest as soon as you withdraw the funds, costing you a lot of money.

3. Make use of the built-in perks –

Check to see whether your credit card offers travel-
related bonuses that can help you save money or make your trip easier before you plan
any trip overseas. Many cards, for example, provide assistance with hotel and
restaurant reservations, free Wi-Fi on qualified flights, and even discounts on specific
types of lodging and transportation. Review the benefit terms on your cards or call your
provider for further information. There is a strong possibility that you get access to
airport lounges if you have a high-end travel credit card. The Priority Pass network is
available on several cards. Priority Pass lounges may be found all around the world and
can be a pleasant break after a long flight. Many cards provide complimentary
beverages, snacks, and meals, and some even provide pre-flight spa services.

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