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Sar Pass trek is one of the most brilliant and spectacular places in the wonderful Parvati Valley. The Sar pass trek is widely loved and appreciated for its fascinating snowy scenery, which makes the region a true holiday destination for trekking and exploration. 

 Sar Pass trek is the best proximity to fulfill all your fantasies related to snow and snowy mountains. It has an eternal touch of nature nearby, which gives it an advantage over various campsites. The surroundings are soothing and imbued with a wave of optimism that makes it more exciting.   Sar pass Trek is 8 km from Kasol to Barsha. 

Sar pass costs Great Expensive Sari pass is about 8 km long so it is quite long. Although it seems like a big trip, it is not, the hike includes unprecedented exploration and amazing scenery. The total distance of the Sar passport hike certainly justifies the specified distance. The trek has many great breathtaking views, which makes it perfect for travel and hiking purposes. 

 Sar Pass Trek Weather 

 Sar Pass Trek belongs to this basket of multi-dimensional places to visit with versatile features and amazing stability that makes it more attractive. 

 The climate is quite fertile for migration and exploration. It has its atmosphere which makes it a more attractive and eminently wonderful thing. 

 The hiking climate of Sar Pass offers miles of perspective and great enjoyment that is truly worth every penny spent and all the more enriching for it.

 Temperature  Sar pass Trek 

 Sar passes Trek because it has the highest design temperature that suits it perfectly. The temperature along the Sari pass route fluctuates between 10-20 on normal sunny days, which makes it comfortable. 

 Temperature consistently has a greater impact on tourism, and it is here that temperature is a greater element for vacationers

 What you need for your Trek 

 Backpack: Backpack with durable straps and support frame. A backpack that protects against the rain is essential. 

 Walking shoes: No sports shoes. Shoes must have a smart grip and joint support. don’t wear brand-new hiking boots. it would cause blisters. 

 Trek Pants (3 combos plus one you wear): I’m a big fan of quick-dry synthetic pants because they’re lightweight. You can also layer each other with cold. while a hiking pair is something to wear, except worn out. 

 Alternative: Cotton pants with multiple pockets / Sweatpants are also comfortable. 

 Collared Shirts (three combinations plus the one you’re wearing): Preferably lightweight full-sleeve T-shirts. The neck and sleeves also prevent sunburn on the neck and hands. 

 Full Sleeve Fur (2 pairs, including the one you’re wearing): We recommend wearing fleece over wool because it’s light, compact, and warm. 

 Thick jacket: wear one hollow full-sleeved windproof jacket/down jacket 

 Thermal inners: 1 pair of light, higher and lower (optional) 


 Hygiene products (sunscreen – SPF 

0, moisturizer, lip balm, light body cream / rough jacket soap, toilet paper, wet towel) 

 Repair kit (needle and thread) 

 Headlamp/LED flashlight: (mandatory) 



 Water bottles 

 Best time for Sar Pass Trek 

. Time to change first class to Sari 

  Trek too is one of its highlights and certainly justifies the spot name as such, it falls at some point in the holiday, making it all the more enjoyable. 

 The best time starts in April and the season ends in October, so it is a great vacation spot to enjoy and refresh. 

 The moons themselves paint a story of pleasure and exciting energies that make every site visitor completely satisfied and inspired. 

 How hard is Star Pass Trek? 

 This well-respected and the well-liked camp net has moderate difficulty, making it a decent camp net. The Sar Pass trek has a stunning peak that can give the trekkers chills, but it is quite a gentle trek and you will find a sparkling place that offers all the majestic pleasure. 

 The Sar Pass trek will prove your determination. borrows a premium custom that vacationers and backpackers are likely familiar with. Sar pass trek 

 How to get a Star Pass?

 To reach Kasol by rail, you have been given directions to the nearest railway station to Kasol, which is Joginder Nagar railway station, approximately one hundred and forty-four kilometers from Kasol village. SAR pass Trek 

 You take a taxi from the station to reach Kasol or a bus from  Joginder Nagar bus stand to Manikaran which takes about 

-5 hours.

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