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Brown Finance Review- What Is It Offering In 2022?

This Brown Finance Review will be enough for you to make a decision about going forward with their platform or not. It has covered every aspect of their services, whether positive or negative. The purpose of writing this review is not to recommend their platform but rather to inform what are they actually offering in 2022. They have been in the business of brokerage services since 2010, which means they have been working for more than a decade now.

In my opinion, their exceptional feature is their transparent policy along with the high-level customer support. It is very challenging for brokerage firms to maintain their position and leave a mark in the industry. It is because of the immense competition level in the market, and another reason is that people tend to hesitate because of the increased number of scammers.
You can avoid these scammers by following simple rules: looking out for a regulated broker, finding if the broker is a member of any trade association, and finally, reading as many broker review articles as you can.
Moving forward with the Brown Finance Review, you will find that this article has divided their offered services into two categories. One category is: what makes Brown Finance a good option; here, all of its positive features are explained. The other is, where do Brown Finance lack and need improvements; here all of their negative features are mentioned.
Let us continue to see what are they offering us in 2022 and then decide whether it is the right choice for you!

Pros: What makes Brown Finance a good option for you?

This Brown Finance Review will now proceed with explaining all the positive aspects of the services offered by Brown Finance to active traders.
  • Licensed Broker

According to the website of Brown Finance, they are the partner of the leading Forex Brokers in the world, Old Mutual Funds & Wealth Management. The parent company is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom. As well as it is also licensed with CySEC and CIMA. It means the brokerage services of Brown Finance are pretty secure and safe. 

  • No Surprise Fee Policy

If you look at the website of Brown Finance, you can find a separate blog specifically written to provide each and every detail of their fee structure. The fee and charges section defines the following categories: hedge fund fees, discounts, spreads, additional fees, inactivity fees, deposit & withdrawal fees as well as overnight funding fees. I would like to appreciate their honesty in revealing every fee of their service in my Brown Finance Review. It is because most brokers charge hidden fees which takes all the fun out of trading. They have a “No Surprise Fee” policy which is quite remarkable.

  • Customer Service

The Customer Service of Brown Finance is also one of its positive aspects due to its friendly and responsive behaviour. Their team is available 24/6 for your support and assistance or any query. You can contact them through their website, email, and phone as well. They do not only answer your questions but are also open to suggestions. Once I needed to trade a cryptocurrency not available on their platform. Then, I sent an email in request to add that cryptocurrency, and within a few days, my request was acknowledged, and I was able to trade that specific cryptocurrency.

  • Trading Instruments & Charts

Unlike other brokerage platforms, Brown Finance offers all the options for trades execution. Some exclusive trading instruments include “Auto Sell” and “Stop Loss”, which can execute the order automatically. They also offer a “Self-Trading Account”, where you are in charge of your money. For your ease, Brown Finance offers high-class trading instruments with customizable charts. You can use those instruments and modify the charts according to your trading strategy. Another important thing about their proposed platform is that it offers access to three languages; French, English and Dutch.

  • Seamless Mobile Trading

One of the best features of Brown Finance is its compatible mobile trading platform. Their platform can be accessed mobile via both iOS and Android systems. Brown Finance claims to provide similar functionality to the mobile version they offer through their desktop alternative. You can execute trades while on the go, as the Brown Finance app comes in handy. Using a mobile app for opening, monitoring, and closing trades is always more convenient and flexible. Most of the broker firms lack this feature of mobile trading which is why I am placing this feature in the positive aspects of my Brown Finance Review.

  • Account Opening Limit

Brown Finance offers their bottom-tier account, I,e Mini Account, with the lowest account limit of $1000. It is a very reasonable amount for newbies to start their trading journey with. Many broker platforms require far less minimum account opening amount. However, in my opinion, $1000 is a very reasonable initiating amount. It is because trading CFDs can be risky, and sometimes investors opt for leverage, resulting in losing all of their capital if not appropriately managed. It is sensible to have some backup amount in your account while using leverage to give some space to your trade for price fluctuation. Therefore, $1000 is the convenient limit for opening a trading account for newbies.   

  • Covered Market

This Brown Finance Review will be placing their offered range of tradable assets in the positive aspect of their services because the platform provides access to more than 250 financial instruments from Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Indices, and Cryptocurrency markets. Most platforms only cover a specific market, either for cryptocurrencies or only forex and commodities. However, Brown Finance is suitable for traders who actively want to catch all the available moves from every type of market. 

  • Commission & Spread Fees

It is already mentioned in the Brown Finance Review that their fee structure is highly transparent. It means they do not charge any hidden fees. However, another outstanding thing about Brown Finance is that the commission and spread fees are also very competitive. They do not charge a high commission fee, but their rates are very low compared to other brokers in the market. One unique thing about Brown Finance is that they do not charge any commission fee on CFD trading. If you are a CFD trader, you might find Brown Finance an interesting and profitable platform.

Cons: Where does Brown Finance need improvements

Following are the points which will show the weaknesses of Brown Finance:

  • No Market Brief

My first criticism of Brown Finance would be a lack of market brief from their end. Being a broker firm, they should not ignore such service and should work on it immediately. My Brown Finance Review will surely entail that they do not offer a daily market brief to their Mini Accounts. As I have not used other accounts with them, I cannot say anything about them, nor could I find anything related on their website. But then again, I believe that a broker platform is incomplete if it does not provide a market brief to its clients. 

  • Educational Center 

Although they have a section for newbies to learn about trading, which is very helpful, the whole written material on a single page can be overwhelming for some traders, especially for new traders who really want to learn about trading. In my opinion, they should improve the educational centre by making it more interesting. They can add video tutorials, introduce eBooks, and add chart references to explain with examples. In this way, they can overcome this drawback and turn it into their strength.

  • No Demo-Account

I would end my Brown Finance Review by mentioning that they do not offer Demo Accounts. It could be surprising for experienced traders as it is very common. Most of the broker platforms offer this service. I was also shocked to hear that Brown Finance does not offer Demo Accounts. These accounts can be of great help for new traders and experienced traders as well. I would suggest that they add this service to your wide range of services to move one step above the market. 


I am hopeful that this Brown Finance Review was enough to give you an idea about their services and platform. Overall their platform is 80% competitive and is trying to add more benefits as well. They are a subsidiary company of a multi-regulated company with licenses from FCA, CySEC and CIMA. They have been working in the industry since 2010 and have executed more than 100M orders in total. Brown Finance offer services in about 50 countries all over the globe. Their fee structure is impressively transparent and competitive. The best thing is that you can execute trades quickly through their mobile app.

However, like any other company, it also has some drawbacks, including a no-demo account, no advertisement, no-market brief, etc. I suggest you conduct a deep research before entering the market through any platform, as more scammers have recently appeared in the market. My Brown Finance Review is written only to make your research process easy. I hope it has increased your knowledge about Brown Finance, and you have a somewhat clear indication of what you might want to do next. Good Luck with your broker search!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation.

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