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Can’t connect to Netgear WiFi router [solved]

If you can’t connect to Netgear WiFi routers are famous for fast and reliable internet services in a lot of home worldwide. It can be connected to any brand modem or extender. You must connect your modem to router physically with the help of the Ethernet cable.

You have to insert the cable into the router’s WAN and modem’s LAN port to establish the connection. But, there are issues that can trouble you after the router setup like router interface can’t be accessible, or phone can’t connect to Netgear router.

You can easily solve it by following and applying some of the troubleshooting tips that you will learn later in this article. But, first you have to find reasons behind this can’t connect to Netgear WiFi router that are listed below in a section.

Reasons: Why Phone Can’t Connect to Netgear WiFi Router

There are several reasons why your internet device can’t able to link with the Netgear WiFi router. Down here we have listed up causing factors that can be happen to your router.

  1. Interruptions to the WiFi signals that are coming from the router can be caused by the electronic devices. So these networking interruptions can cause this mentioned issue.
  2. Trying to connect your phone to the Netgear WiFi router far away from the router can be a reason of the problem.
  3. Outdated firmware version of the WiFi router can also cause this same issue of failed connection.
  4. Wrong SSID username and password to make the connection between the router and phone can be a reason why phone can’t connect to Netgear router.

So, here are the possible reasons of phone to router connection failed problem. Now, let’s see how you can solve the issue and get success to solve the can’t connect to Netgear WiFi router issue.

Solutions: Phone Can’t Connect to Netgear WiFi Router

Here in this full of fixes section, you will learn how to solve the mentioned problem with the help of simple to follow troubleshooting tips.

Shift Router to Optimal Location

Electronic devices cause interruptions into the WiFi signals of the Netgear WiFi router. If you want to dispel these interruptions, then just simple check if there is any electronic device is near to the router. if you find one, then shift the router or electronic device and place the router on an optimal location.

Come Close And Try to Connect

Routers have limited reach of the WiFi signal range. So, if you are using your phone far from the router’s reach, then just come closer to the router and try to connect to the router. You can also dispel the limited reach of the router problem by connected range extender; it is a device that extends your router’s signals.

Update Firmware of Router

You should make sure that your router’s firmware is updated or not from the interface. You just have to login into the interface of the router through your computer via Then, go to the SETTINSGS >FIRMWARE > then click on the Update button to complete the task.

Use Correct SSID Details

The SSID details like username and password are given on the label and user manual of the router. Use the correct one. You can also change the SSID username and password of the router.

You can also reboot the router if tips didn’t work and also reset the system if rebooting the router won’t work as well. But, you have to restart the router setup again after the reset. We will share how to setup Netgear router information at other times.

End Lines

Let’s end this informative article with some positive lines and words. Here in this article, you have learned possible reasons why your phone can’t connect to Netgear WiFi router. We have also shared solutions to fix this mentioned problem with the help of the troubleshooting tips. Hoping you have read the article and fixed the connecting problem successfully.

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