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CMC Bits Reviews The one platform to rule them all?

Trade has undergone major reform over the past couple of decades. From advancing to major parts of Asia to the implementation of new technologies to incorporate new assets based on these technologies, trade has been through a lot. However, one of the biggest changes trade underwent was the introduction of online trading platforms.

Online trading platforms introduced a new concept within the marketplace. At a time when the only way for beginners takes part in the business of trading in the open market was to place their bids via financial firms, online trading platforms were a game-changer. They allowed regular people with day jobs to participate in trading by simply using their online accounts and placing their bids. These platforms essentially allowed new users to represent it as a secondary source of income and for a lot of individuals, this was the best thing about online trading. It offered the best parts about trading while allowing users to bid at their own time without having to worry about the markets not aligning with their time.

Trading platforms have utilized the internet as a host for a few decades now and things have gotten a bit messy since then. Today, trading platforms have introduced new technological tools that have undoubtedly changed the fabric of the markets with trade becoming ever more competitive. Online trading platforms have a lot of competition and yet there are only a few that can be classified as good trading platforms. Of these options, I found that only one was a beginner-friendly online trading platform.

It is known as CMCBits and it has changed the game for me. I still remember scavenging through the internet looking for a viable trading platform or at least one that would allow me to gain experience in trading without incurring too many losses. It was my luck that I came across CMCBits as not a lot of trading platforms exist out there that offer the resources I need access to operate my business.

The reason I’m even writing this review is so that the next line of people who are looking to enter the trading business have an easier path to follow in their journey to a new career. It was quite stressful for me to find the right trading platform and I don’t want new traders to undergo the same process as it is rigorous.

First Impressions

When it comes to first looks, CMCBits does not disappoint. It has a unique featured color scheme that is cool and above all, it has a good layout when it comes to navigating the site and going through the different types of account options it provides. Apart from that, the distribution of all the resources takes the load off new users who sometimes get a bit overdone and for some going through a new trading platform can be too much to handle.

All in all, it was refreshing to see a platform that didn’t simply throw stuff at its potential customers at the first glance. Instead, this CMCBits review eases its users into it and slowly shows what it is capable of.


Security and trade go hand in hand together. One cannot live without the other since trade represents the flow of assets between traders and security is the characteristic of the path and process used to exchange these assets. If this path or process is compromised then that would endanger the entire system which in turn will undoubtedly harm the financial system.

A lot of the other platforms that I tried out myself did have the basic features of a secure network but there was way too much emphasis on the “basics”. They just did enough to qualify to be considered secure platforms. CMCBits on the other hand went above all else and installed an excellent security system that ensured that users could utilize their assets without having to fear external access from anyone else. While basic features are also good, the fact that this CMCBits review has gone long out of its way to ensure the security of its users is why I preferred to stick to it.

Now, I’m not saying that those other platforms weren’t good enough, it’s just that CMCBits did things it didn’t have to do just to reach customer satisfaction levels of services. Security is taken seriously in trading markets so there is no such thing as too secure. The more security features a platform offers, the better it is for the entire marketplace.

Assets Overview

The primary service of trading platforms is to offer assets that users can utilize whenever they need to. Trading platforms operate at the user’s convenience so not a lot of assets can be traded in one go. However, CMCBits has somehow been able to counter this limitation by simply implementing its system that allows its users to access any market anywhere without worrying about missing out on trending assets.

The asset categories available for trading on CMCBits include commodities, currencies, stocks, forex, and crypto. Commodities and currencies are traditional assets that have been digitized in the past couple of decades. Forex is an emerging marketplace that is still adapting to different regions but has shown promising results. I for one have had a lot of good days trading with forex on CMCBits.

Company stocks are risky but can be immensely profitable if you know what you are doing. With some trial and error, I did eventually get significant returns on my investments except for a few early bids that I did when I was simply testing the limits of the platform. This was before I had opted to set this platform as my daily trading platform.

The star of the show however is crypto. Crypto or cryptocurrencies are the most in-demand assets in the market right now. A lot of trading platforms aren’t even offering them in their asset portfolios so imagine my surprise when I saw that CMCBits was all in on crypto. It was good to see that crypto was being promoted on an online trading platform because for too long traditional trading firms have been taking advantage of t regular crypto for their benefit and have not allowed ordinary traders to participate in the trading bids.

Educational tools

It can be difficult adjusting to a new environment, especially one that is virtual and requires a high-speed internet connection. I remember that when I started with this CMCBits review, I had a few holdouts regarding how complex its trading system might be given its heightened security systems. However, to my surprise, the trading platform had provided users with customer guides that detailed everything regarding trading using the tools available.

An online trading platform with an asset portfolio as diverse as CMCBits can be overwhelming at times but the platform’s management seems to have taken steps in ensuring that users could easily go through the guide in no time and immediately start trading without any significant effort.

I for one owe it all to those resources as they didn’t just teach me how to use tools mentioned in this CMCBits review for trading on its platform but also how to get out of the bad bids I had made on previous platforms when I was researching different platforms to find the one that suited me best. I like to think that I made the right call because now I can trade with any asset I want without having to worry about anything. Read more Three Angle Web Design


While the advantages of CMCBits are excellent, there are a few things that in my opinion need some brushing up at the very least. For one, allowing more transaction methods would allow users from different regions around the world to access their accounts when they are out of the range of currently available systems. This is more of a recommendation for expansion though as it focuses on regions outside the financial hubs of the world.

One other thing is the inclusion of more cryptocurrencies in the asset portfolio. The current portfolio has quite a lot of good cryptocurrencies but I believe that enough is never enough and the platform should incorporate more cryptocurrencies so that users have more options to choose from when they place their bids.


This CMCBits review is one of the best online trading platforms out there that I have ever used. It isn’t without its flaws but then again there is no perfect system in the world. No matter how much we strive for perfection, there will always be room for more improvement. After spending weeks on dozens of other trading platforms, I have no reservations against recommending users observe the basic needs that they require and choose a platform that fulfills all those basic requirements. I did my research and concluded that CMCBits was the best option and while there are other platforms out there, none have been able to satisfy my requirements like CMCBits.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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