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Content Marketing Trends to be followed by Marketers In 2022

The start of a new year provides an opportunity for digital marketers to develop and strengthen their marketing tactics. This could imply staying on top of the trends that will impact the digital marketing landscape for small firms. A Digital marketing agency can help you better grow and perform. 

Now that the upheaval of 20221 has passed, it’s time to consider what to expect in 2022. Let’s take a look at seven content marketing trends to watch out for this year:

1- Content with a high perceived value will be more important.

Web users today are exposed to a large amount of stuff on the internet. You might anticipate individuals to grow selective when it comes to what information they want to read, given the overwhelming volume of blogs and content uploaded each day. They choose an article that contains facts they haven’t found anywhere else on the internet at best.

Keep in mind that you aren’t the only one in the market selling your goods. You must ensure that you are distinct from your competitors. They’re less inclined to hand over their contact information to acquire access to your offerings if you’re giving away generic content in eBooks or manuals.

The best way to earn your clients’ confidence is to provide them with valuable material. Begin by considering how your product will impact their lives over time. If you spend too much on directly promoting the product, your audience is likely to skip it and search elsewhere for the information they require.

Instead of merely talking about what a fruit juicer is and how it’s used, you may talk on the health benefits of drinking fruit juices if you’re selling one. You can also discuss how using the fruit juice will save them time, effort, and money.

2- In the world of digital marketing, video content will continue to reign supreme.

Videos are one of the most powerful ways to get your brand’s message out. People are visual creatures, and many consumers would rather watch a 2-3 minute video than read a blog post.

When HubSpot did a video marketing study in 2017, it discovered that 54 percent of its 3,010 customers from the United States, Germany, Colombia, and Mexico wanted to view brand videos. These DepositPhotos video marketing statistics from 2017 are also worth considering:

  • 90% of customers agree that watching a video helps them make a purchase choice.
  • Adding videos to your website’s landing pages can increase conversions by up to 80%.
  • The mere mention of videos in your email marketing subject line can raise open rates by 19 percent.

If anything, it tells us that if your company isn’t already using video marketing, you should start today. Videos are simple to watch and keep your viewers interested.

Furthermore, with face-to-face engagement and events remaining limited in 2022, live video events, such as webinars, will become one way for businesses to generate leads, collaborate with influencers to promote their brand, and ultimately increase profitability.

3- Hyper-personalised content will be preferred by consumers.

Personalization has been a digital marketing trend for a long time, and it will remain so in 2022. However, as customers become savvier, simply using their first names may not be sufficient to improve their experience. If you want to improve traffic and conversions, and thus sales, you must first understand what your consumers want.

The concept of hyper-personalization enters the picture at this point. Hyper-personalization is when artificial intelligence (AI) is used to collect data from your website users, such as their activity on the site, products they regularly browse, and so on. You’ll be able to give more personalised content to your audience if you have more data.

Third-party software such as Google Analytics, HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, and others can be used to collect this information. You can use the information to produce customized emails, pop-ups, and other content that is tailored to the preferences of your target audience. For example, if one of your website visitors leaves their basket empty after shopping, you can send them a follow-up email a few hours later to remind them to finish the transaction.

4- The topical authority will become more important.

When it comes to ranking websites on the search engine results page, search engine algorithms will place a greater focus on knowledge and authority (SERPs). The level of information possessed by a website when it comes to a given issue is referred to as topical authority. It’s usually accomplished by the creation of longer, high-quality material.

The reason for this is that long-form material allows you to go into greater detail about a topic. In other words, you’ll be giving your customers more knowledge, which will help you acquire their trust. If other websites find your material useful, they may link to it, giving you backlinks, which is another essential SEO ranking element.

5- Content marketing will be influenced by voice searches.

With the introduction of Siri, Alexa, and Cortana, people’s strategies were taken to the next level. Millions of people in the United States now conduct screenless searches on a daily basis. They can have the answers spoken back to them without even looking at or touching the gadget by simply asking the AI-powered voice assistant.

Optimising your content for voice searches will no longer be an option, but a need in 2022 if you want to improve your content marketing approach.

The simplest strategy to optimise your content is to construct your product description in such a way that it answers inquiries directly. This certainly results in a change in how content marketing sounds, as to how we write differs from how we communicate. When it comes to voice search optimization, you’ll need to make sure your content adapts to natural language.

When writing, strive to employ entire sentences that include long-tail keywords. You may also appeal to more targeted and local searchers by using “near me” searches.

6- AI-powered content will begin to take over.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to relieve individuals of a variety of responsibilities. In content marketing, AI demonstrates that this statement is correct. It assists in the collection of client information for personalization, but it can also be used to develop targeted content for consumers to receive. AI-powered tools can assist you with everything from captions to summaries.

One tool in particular, the OpenAI Company’s GPT-3, has been recognized to produce high-quality content. It gathers data and references from all across the internet and uses them to create content. AI-driven content will aid in the long-term development of your website’s authority.

Chatbots, too, are AI-powered, and they’re getting smarter all the time. Customers may now use chatbots to help them place orders, check out, and track their orders. Chatbots can also be used by businesses to offer information fast, bolstering their content marketing approach.

7- Atomization of content will become a thing.

Because people’s movements are still restricted due to COVID-19, getting content out there in 2022 will be a little different. Marketers would have to make the most of what they already have in order to reach a wider audience. This is when the atomization of content comes into play.

Breaking down long-form content into five or more sections is known as content atomization. Each article will be studied in greater depth and possibly presented from a different perspective.

For example, if you wrote an eBook book on your fruit juicer, you can pick and choose which subheadings to include in your material. It can be made into a blog or a newsletter. You can also make shorter, more consumable content out of your eBook, such as infographics

As time goes on, businesses will need to provide more content on a regular basis. Content atomization allows them to make the most of what they already have by making it more engaging and enjoyable for the audience. It also advantages them in that they won’t have to spend as much money on content production because they’ll be repurposing existing content.

Finally, some thoughts

You’ve probably heard the cliche “content is king” a hundred times before, but it’ll still be true in 2022. Marketers will have to adapt to these content marketing trends as people continue to explore new methods to acquire and consume information. This will ensure that they give the content their audience requires at the correct moment.

Since then, digital marketing for small firms has progressed significantly. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that businesses must be able to adapt to change in order to survive. Marketers may reach their target demographic with content. If executed correctly, your techniques may be able to persuade consumers to become paying customers.

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