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Winter is almost upon us and the number 1 seller during this time of year is the hooded sweatshirt that is so commonly referred to as a hoodie. If you want cool Shop gallery dept hoodies for this winter you will need to get a Baja hoodie.

If you are not aware there has been a huge boom this year with this new Mexican Baja hoodie and everyone seems to have one already. If you haven’t bought one online yet then you are 1 of the only ones that haven’t. They are very unique in their look and style. You will notice that they differ from the more original hooded sweatshirts in a few different ways. They have stripes that go vertically and they look as if they could have been made from a Mexican blanket.

They have a pocket in the front that has horizontal stripes of the same material and color as the rest of the sweaters. They usually smell a little bit like you would expect Mexico to smell and they are always strange color combinations. You can’t find them in any stores so you have to get them online a couple of sites have free shipping so you don’t have to worry about an extra 8 bucks just to get it shipped to you.

Don’t ever pay for shipping when there are sites that will ship for free! You can’t get any cooler than the Baja hoodie, so don’t go drop tons of money on some name-brand hoodie.

XXL Hoodies

Sometimes it is hard to find big and tall clothing that you actually want to buy. You don’t want to look like every other really tall or big person out there. That is why you need to dress in style by wearing a Mexican Vlone hoodie. These are the itchy-looking rug-like sweatshirts that were popular among hippies in the 1980s. They were called drug rugs because so many hippies loved them. The great thing about these hippie hoodies is that they come in some really big sizes so you can have a unique piece of clothing for once.

They don’t stop at XXL hoodie sizes, they go up to XXL sizes. This means that they will fit you even if you have a 64-inch chest. Not many people have a 65-inch chest so it should fit you.

They are not itchy like the user to be, now they have soft linings so they are super comfortable.

What are Baja hoodies made of?

Normally they are just 100% acrylic, but some styles will be a blend of cotton, polyester, and acrylic. This means they do not shrink when you wash them but it is recommended that you air dry them.

So next time you are wondering where to get a new sweater, you need to get a Mexican pullover Baja in any color that you want. They come in most colors and they are usually 2 or 3 colors in each sweatshirt. They have a hood and a pocket in the front.

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