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Custom Bakery Boxes: It Goes Beyond Marketing

In a crowded market, you must know how to use custom bakery boxes for the bakery business to stand out. There are different ways to draw attention to aspects that directly involve the level of product quality and customer satisfaction. Among them, personalized bakery packaging is responsible for arousing consumer interest.

Moreover, considered as an important advertising device at the point of sale, it is decisive. And can generate new purchases and even win new customers. Customized packaging according to the bakery product, the brand. And the company is relevant in many aspects. Curious? Then check out our article to learn more!

Focus On Design Of Custom Bakery Boxes

After this first step, he can analyze other features. If it’s food, the customer will likely be aware of the nutritional information. In diverse cases, it will also help in finding the cost-benefit ratio. It’s a choice process.

However, to reach this selection, the product needs to attract the consumer’s eye. And this will happen depending on the look and the attractiveness of the packaging.

Moreover, the best-known attribution of custom bakery packaging designs. It is primarily responsible for drawing the attention of the final consumer. However, the packaging must make the customer perceive the product. In this sense, some characteristics need to be made clear.

Practicality Of Bakery Packaging

Custom printed bakery boxes are synonymous with practicality greatly increase the chances of the consumer purchasing the product. Moreover, the one that supports going from the low temperatures of the freezer directly to the microwave. For example, is much more practical and interesting for the customer.

Much more than beauty, one of the main tasks of design is to ensure the functionality of bakery boxes wholesale. Moreover, it should favor the handling of the product. And take care of its protection, making the customer’s day to day much more practical.

Moreover, this requirement is an opportunity to innovate. Think of all the times you used a product similar to the one you offer today. What difficulties or obstacles did you face? Did you have to fold the box to use it? Wanted more practicality but needed other objects to open it? Have problems stored?

With the answer to these questions, you can find creative and innovative solutions. That can be translated into more practical bakery boxes wholesale, which makes it easier for the consumer to use.

Convenience Is Good

Nowadays, the buyer pays more and more attention to this aspect of custom printed bakery boxes. Customized bakery packaging that facilitates access to the product counts for many points. When it comes to winning over the customer. An example is the sale of pizza slices.

To design a box with convenience in mind, think about the situations in which the customer will use the product most often. And identify interventions in the package that would make it easier to use. Preferably, bet on several options, suitable for different usage situations.

Another important point in terms of convenience that has not been sufficiently valued by the market is the issue of packaging size and capacity. This factor becomes even more relevant when it comes to a food product.

Today, with families getting smaller and many people living alone, this factor is important not only for the consumer. But also for the battle against waste as well as sustainability of our Mother earth.

Nevertheless, many products are wasted because of the consumption of a person, couple, or small family. It is not fast enough to maintain its conservation status. Moreover, the result is food loss and unnecessary expenditure.

Thus, offering products in individual or smaller portions is a matter of convenience. That should be better evaluated by companies that want to win over these consumers.

Ease Of Use

However, this characteristic concerns the way to facilitate the customer’s relationship with the product on a daily basis. This is the case of the new personalized packages of bread, which are much easier to open. And do not require the use of any other utensil.

Especially in this case, the packaging development needs to take into account the experience. That the customer will have with that product. Moreover, as with regard to convenience, the situations in which the consumer will use the merchandise need to be analyzed.

From this, it is necessary to think of forms of presentation that make use simpler. Without having to look for diverse other tools for consumption. However, some experiences in this sense are recognized as innovative.

Added Value In Bakery Box Packaging

A long time ago, some industrialized cake makers put a small plastic knife inside the package, remember? What was the reason for this? It was imagined that the consumer could be in a place outside their home, where they would not have access to the utensil.

Recently, this idea has been used a little more creatively. Do you know that individual butter pack? A manufacturer decided to design it in the shape of a knife. And make a lid with a wooden texture. Perfect for spreading it on bread! However, he certainly won a lot of points for those who eat outside conventional places. And don’t have knives.

But it’s not just this example. What kind of person buys a slice of pizza at the fast-food store for lunch or dinner? Most likely, the one who wants to have a quick meal, maybe even on the go, between appointments and with a tight schedule!

And it was thinking about serving these consumers that a student project managed to bring practicality to pizza slices packaging. However, with a part of the custom pizza packaging, the customer holds the product with his own hand. 

Thus, the customer does not have to purchase a plate or something. He can easily make use of the custom printed bakery boxes as a plate.

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