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How to beautify custom cereal boxes and gain its advantages

Most of us are addicted to custom cereal boxes of a different variety. Our mornings are incomplete without them, and they enjoy brisk sales, as evidenced by their market size in 2021, which is a whopping US$21 billion. But, we remain unaware of how important and valuable our favorite cereals’ packing box is. We might have purchased it for the first time on the strength of its packing alone. Such is the power of packing, and here we highlight just that and share it with you.

Why should we go for custom packing?

Custom cereal boxes have taken the packing industry by storm. They offer a host of benefits in comparison with plain or conventional packing. Here are some of the ways they benefit your business;

Promotion of the company:

A custom box is your brand ambassador. It shows off everything and anything that you want to print on it. You can proudly sport your company’s brand name, logo, tagline, company name, etc. The custom box will highlight all this and more that you choose to display on it, and it won’t cause you a fortune, unlike the costly traditional ad and marketing campaigns. 

Establishing a brand value:

The colors of your custom box and the brand it represents help establish your image in the customers’ eyes. It seems surreal, but a box is lying in a supermarket’s aisles is silently doing a job. It is connecting with the buyers subliminally. They watch the packaging, read what’s on it, and if they like what they see, they might go for the purchase. 

Ample protection:

A box is of no use if it cannot perform the primary job of protecting and preserving the product it carries. Fortunately, custom boxes do not lag in this regard either. They are designed specifically with the product in mind. Everything about them, from the material to its style and strength, is meant to safeguard the products.

Brand visibility:

Custom boxes will make your brand more prominent in the market. It is more recognizable, identifiable, and conspicuous in the market. All these factors contribute to the overall sales of your products which is cereals in this case, and contribute to the company’s profitability. 

How can you make custom cereal boxes more appealing to the buyers?

We have laid bare the importance of custom cereal boxes and how they can help your company achieve high sales. In this article, we will look at different ways to make your custom box cooler.

Use attractive imagery and pictures:

When it comes to custom cereal boxes, images and graphics play a crucial role. Usually, people eat these in the morning to give them a kick and energy to last all day long. They want uplifting and happy pictures on their cereal boxes. A comfortable and smiling family, children are frolicking around, people running and working out, etc., reinforcing positivity and playful activities. Or, you can highlight the ingredients you put in the cereal on the box. They will all serve the purpose. 

Colors that matter:

Custom cereal boxes demand to be colorful. And these colors ought to be bright, vibrant, and cheerful. You want your custom box to look stunning with striking colors and images. They should pull in the audience and give positive vibes about the product and the brand. 

The size of custom cereal boxes is significant:

Small, medium and large are the regular, go-to size for most edible items. But, cereals boxes are a bit different. They should have more variety than the typical three sizes generally available. There are many reasons for it; a family might want an extra-large size because it consumes it daily or a large family. Similarly, an extra small size or a sachet would also be helpful for people who are traveling and want to have their favorite cereals on the go. Your box must cater to all such customers.

Print helpful information on the boxes:

For cereals, display as much relevant information on the box as you think would be helpful for the buyer. Start with highlighting the unique ingredients, give a breakdown of all the nutritional value it carries, and point out the various benefits a consumer can enjoy by having it daily. These and any other information displayed on the box would make it more saleable and worthy in the buyer’s eyes. 

Make use of window cut-outs:

The innovative use of windows in custom shapes and sizes would enhance the look of your box. It will also appeal to the buyers as they can see the actual cereals and make up their minds about buying them. So, it serves aesthetic as well as commercial purposes.

custom cereal boxes

Make it recyclable: 

If you use rigid or durable quality cardboard to produce your custom boxes, consumers can utilize them even when the cereal has finished. They can use them as bookmarks, luggage tags, make postcards out of them, use them for a notepad cover, a magazine rack, a customized gift box, and whatnot. It will help boost your cereal’s sales too.

Unique printing styles and designs:

You can use several printing techniques and styles to beautify your custom donut boxes further. It can be embossed or debossed printing, stamp foiling, glossy coating, matte finishing, UV spot printing, and similar methods. They will make your box stand out. 

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That’s all about custom cereal boxes and their importance for the business. We have tried to highlight all the essential things in this topic. We hope you appreciate this article and go for custom packaging for your cereals.

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