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Diet Chart for Gallstones

The gallbladder is a small pear-shaped organ positioned on the right side of the abdomen. The gallbladder can suffer from gallstones which are the hard remains formed due to improperly emptying of the bladder or other reasons. Symptoms are noticed in the form of being uncomfortable, intense pain in the abdomen, fever or jaundice, etc. If these symptoms are noticed, one should immediately consult the doctor. The gallbladder secretes bile juice into small intestines that use it for digestion. In case of getting symptoms, one has to get surgery to remove the stones in the bladder. It is necessary for a person to follow a diet to maintain the estrogen levels in the body, to ensure intake of healthy fats that promote proper emptying of the bladder, prevents swelling promote easy digestion, etc. Thus following a certain diet for an underlying condition is beneficial and prevents one from further damage. Following are the points that can help one to understand the foods that are suitable and not suitable for the same:-

  1. Calcium- It is an essential supplement that helps one to prevent diseases. Dairy items such as milk, cheese, yogurt, etc, green leafy vegetables, and orange juices can be consumed to maintain the appropriate calcium intake.
  2. Fibrous foods- When one is going through the problem of gallstones the bile juice is no longer produced, so intake of fibre food items such as kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc can promote digestion while preventing the body to produce secondary bile fluids.
  3. Veggies and fruits- Differently coloured food should be added to one’s daily diet. They contain low calories and fibres, hence are easy to digest. Vegetables like Gourd family- bottle gourd bitter gourd, spinach, ladyfinger, etc can be consumed. Vegetables recommended in the prescribed gallbladder stone diet chart should be particularly followed.
  4. Food items to avoid- Savoury food items that contain high salt content should be avoided. Salt makes a rise in the level of calcium in urine which further creates a risk of the formation of stones or an increase in the ongoing condition. Food items with high sugar content, carbohydrates containing items such as bread, etc should be avoided.  Unhealthy food inclusive of fried or oil should not be consumed as for digesting the body will have to produce more amount of bile juice thus worsening the problem and increasing the pain.
  5. Liquid consumption- Liquids should be consumed in large amounts. Liquid items such as juices, water, and green tea are recommended.

The points discussed above are essential to follow during the stones. It is advised to consult the doctor as soon as the symptoms are detected, to prevent damage. Following the gallstones diet chart only adds to the benefits. Doctors or nutritionists can be consulted for the specific daily diet chart schedule. Maintaining weight can help prevent stones, as increasing weight or intake of food rich in cholesterol can increase the chances of the reformation of stones. Other methods except surgery provide the risk of reformation of stones. Thus being informed about the precautions can help one save from the formation of stones, surgery, and all the pain caused due to it.

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