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Easy And Free Ways To Add Your Instagram Feed To WIX Website

If you have ever wondered how to display Instagram feeds on your Wix website then this blog is for you. Then this blog is for you. Here you will find easy ways to embed Instagram feeds on your website for free. You might be wondering whether it is possible or not or maybe it will be of poor quality if it is available for free. 


But I would like to assure you that there is nothing hidden or consist of poor quality, the only matter is you will get less functionality and features with free tools, which you might not need if your goal is to display only a few feeds on your Wix website. 


So let’s get started with embedding Instagram feeds on your Wix website in an easy as well as free way.


How To Add Instagram Feeds On Wix Website With Easy & Free Ways

Updating your website with the Instagram feeds from your Instagram account is a great way to display your social presence through your website. You can take huge advantage of Instagram feeds on your Wix website that makes your website appearance more vibrant, sparkling, and engaging.


Your Instagram feeds to boost the engagement and interaction factor on your website. It will expand the reach of your Instagram handle with your website visitors that result in boosting followers on your Instagram account organically.


So how to add these Instagram feeds to your website is a crucial step. Here below are some tools and software that you can use to display Instagram feeds on your website.


Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is a popular, trustworthy, and free-to-use social media aggregation tool that allows multiple social media integration. Instagram is the widely used social media source on the Taggbox Widget by various websites to display social media feeds on their website.


With Taggbox Widget you will get a free plan for life that allows you to curate and display Instagram feeds on your website forever without even spending a single penny.


Also, Taggbox gives you various options to collect Instagram feeds like hashtags, mention, handle, stories, and IGTV videos, giving you diverse options to collect and embed Instagram feeds on your website.



Another free tool to add Instagram feeds on your website is with SmashBalloon. This tool comes with an easy interface that makes it easy for you to perform Instagram posts curation activities without any complications. Also, you can add Instagram feeds to your website without the need for typical coding which makes it an easy-to-use platform even for non-techie people too.



Tagembed, similar to Taggbox Widget, offers you a forever-free plan to keep Instagram feeds active on your website for a lifetime. With Tagembed you will get many features and functionalities for free to deliberately collect and display Instagram feeds on your website.


With Tagembed, you will get free themes and customization access to design your Instagram feeds and deliberately display them on your website. You can adjust the Instagram feed display according to your website layout design.


Instagram Feed App By Wix

However, if you want to display Instagram feeds directly using the application form, Wix, then you will have a more trustworthy and reliable option. Wix itself provides a free Instagram feed app that allows its users to collect and embed Instagram feeds on your website. 


You can gather up the selected Instagram posts that you want to display and embed them into the website. You can leverage the power of Instagram feeds on your Wix website with this free and trustworthy tool on your website.


Why Display Instagram Feeds On Your Wix Website

This is the most critical question that appears in your mind ( same with me when I researched for this very first time). You might wonder why you would even display Instagram feeds on your website. Is it worth giving a shot or just a waste of effort and time?


But after researching and understanding audiences’ behavior with Instagram feeds or any other social media feeds on the website, embedding Instagram feeds retrieves you some exceptional benefits that you have never experienced with any other tool or marketing strategy on your Wix website.


So here below are the exceptional benefits of embedding Instagram feeds on your website. 

  • Boost Website Authority
  • Enhance Audience Engagement & Interaction On Your Website
  • Increase Unique & Creative Display On Website
  • Build Visitor’s Trust & Reliability With Your Website
  • Improve SEO Rankings Of Your Website


Over To You…

It is no surprise that embedding Instagram feeds or posts on your Wix website is one of the best deals you can do to enhance your website. 


Now you are fully aware of how to embed Instagram feeds to your Wix website along with the free and easy tools that do not require complicated technicalities. 


Hence, start placing Instagram feeds on your website and leverage maximum benefits from embedding Instagram feeds with your Wix website. 

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