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Grand Pacific Trade Review: Does This Platform Offers Enough Variety of Features And Research Tools To Help With Trading

Forex trading is a risky business, especially now that there are thousands of trading platforms online. It is hard to tell which ones are actually reliable and safe to put in your money with. Of course, not all are set out to rip you off, but still, one should be careful in opting for their trading platform of choice.

A few years ago, I decided to step into this trading world and see what I could do. As a beginner, one of my biggest concerns was safety. How to protect me from being scammed by other traders and even the trading platform itself? In other words, how to keep my money safe while playing in this big bad forex world?

I did some research about reviews of online forex brokers and their platforms and came across many. One that stood out to me personally was the Grand Pacific Trade reviews. What attracted me the most about this platform was their customer service and how open and honest they are with the clients.

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I contacted them and asked about their trading platform and their services. I was impressed with their quick response, which made me opt for Grand Pacific Trade as my primary trading platform. Now I have been using this platform for several years now, never had any issues or difficulties when it comes to placing orders or withdrawing my money. They are always there to help in case of need.

I must admit that they helped me grow my small starting capital into a decent figure within no time! Since then, I have been able to trade not only with Forex but also binaries, CFD’s and even some stocks thanks to the great tools provided by Grand Pacific Trade. 

After doing trading on this platform for a while and having a good outcome from it, I have finally decided to write a Grand Pacific Trade review. Let’s get into it right away.

They are a young and energetic team who have been working in the Forex market for years. Their founder sent me an introduction about them when I first started trading; he said that they offer many benefits, including access to streams of revenue which can significantly help aid your success as well!

I’m really glad this company exists; it gives new traders everything needed under one roof – from platforms where you trade or find advice on how to improve your skillset through educational material providing insights into different topics like technical analysis techniques…

Now before we dive into the details and depths of this platform, I quickly want to run down some pros and cons of this platform in this Grand Pacific Trade review.

Grand Pacific Trade offers a low minimum deposit and gives you the chance to trade 250+ assets. They don’t have many Indices available
It is easy enough that a Novice can easily do trading on this platformThe theme isn’t great though
Open accounts at Grand Pacific Trade with an initial investment of only $250No Video Tutorials
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As a Trading platform:

Firstly, in this Grade Pacific Trade review, we have is the trading platform. When I first started using Grand Pacific Trade, there were many features that came free with the software. The difference about this program is you can get support right from your computer in a customer center if needed.!

Since I started trading on this platform, there have been a few features added and some existing ones removed. Grand Pacific Trade offers a user-friendly platform for those who want to start investing. You don’t need any previous trading experience, as it’s easy enough that even someone without much knowledge on how can get started in no time at all! The eBooks and webinars are there, so you know what they look like before going into your first trade–and if anything goes wrong or doesn’t work out exactly right during testing periods of usage, then just over these materials provided again until things become clear or ask for help from one of their representatives.

What needs to be improved: I think there should be an option to choose from the light-dark mode for the theme.

Trading Tools and charts:

Next, I want to include in this Grade Pacific Trade review is about this platform’s trading charts and tools. I am really glad that I found a broker with MT4 because it’s so easy to use and offers all the features someone would need in their trading life. It also means there are no distractions or other software required for me, which saves time! The Dealer Board lets you know what is happening within seconds of trades being made – meaningless guesswork as well as allowing access from anywhere at any point during day/evening hours (or weekends). And finally…you can utilize some advanced tools such as indicators & scripts on this platform; these enhancements allow traders even greater control over strategies than before.

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The trading station on this platform is not fully customizable, which means you cannot play around with colors, time zones, or font sizes. I do want to mention in this Grade Pacific Trade review that it would be great if indicators could be placed directly onto the chart (like on most other platforms) instead of having to place them into the Instrument window first – this takes some getting used to and can cause problems when switching between charts especially if you don’t remember where you had placed certain symbols! With the research tools, I am able to draw trend lines and Fibonacci retracements on my chart. With this information in mind, along with what Trade Analyzer suggests as a trading opportunity for me – it’s an accurate prediction!

What needs to be improved: They need to make it easier for beginners who have not experienced traders. Currently, there is no way without knowing what you’re looking for and if your system/strategy has won before starting a stock trade – which can be difficult when the market changes so quickly!

Educational Centre:

Educational materials are the most important one so, I had to include this in my Grade Pacific Trade review as well. When I started out with Grand Pacific Trade, I was really skeptical about all these so-called free eBooks they were offering me. Usually, anything that is for “free” almost certainly isn’t! But what I found instead is a genuine platform with good, reliable tools which are easy enough to use even by beginners. You can get started within minutes using this platform without any previous experience – all the educational material, including eBooks and webinars, are there, so you know exactly what they’re like before going into your first trade. FAQs are where they have answered all kinds of questions related to their service, which can be found on the site. 

What needs to be improved: Perhaps more eBooks would be better. Also, I think adding some video tutorials to their platform can help.

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Customer Service: 

Ending this Grand Pacific Tarde review by talking about the last but certainly the best feature they offer – their excellent customer service. They are available 24 hours a day and 5 days a week, which is pretty great. You can contact them through live chat, email, or telephone if you need help with anything related to the trading part of your website or withdrawals, etc., The customer support team was able to fix issues within my account in some minutes, so this Grand Pacific Trade review will tell you they’re doing a good job on fixing these problems! Once me unable to log into Trading Place, but after some hours, it got solved too.

I once had an issue in the withdrawal process, but it got fixed too; I can say that they have a great customer team, and it’s always available to help you if you have any trouble with your trading operation!

What needs to be improved: Better webinars with more advanced topics rather than just beginners!

In conclusion:

I feel there are lots of features available on the platform as well as different ways to do things. Whether this is good or bad will depend on personal preference. In my opinion, though, there should be an option to customize the chart (adding indicators directly onto it rather than having to place them into Instruments first). The research tools are very accurate and easy enough for people like me who aren’t experienced traders – again, this is subjective, though. Overall, it is definitely a reliable and safe trading platform.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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