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Half box soap packaging wholesale in USA 2022

Packaging defines a product, and packing is of paramount importance for some products. Soap is one such item. There are dozens of soaps available in the market, with more or less similar characteristics. That is where packing comes into play and differentiates one product from another. Also, soap users have a thing for pretty-looking colorful packing. This article shall discuss a particular type of soap boxes called half box soap packaging. So, let’s begin.

Half box packaging in simple terms:

A half-box packaging is a box without a top. It consists of a pocket or sleeve where you put the product, and that’s about it. Part of the product remains exposed, and anyone can touch, feel, or experience it in any way it likes. It also goes by the name of the holster box.

Uses of half box packaging:

A half box is ideal for products where the manufacturer wants to show off the product. He wants the users to touch, feel, smell, or taste the product. That is why he would put it in a half box so that tentative users can have a go at it. Edible items, perishable items (like flowers), decorative products, etc., are some of the stuff you can use in half boxes.

Half box soap packaging:

A bar of soap is an ideal candidate for half-box packaging. There are several reasons for it, and we shall discuss them here to know why they suit the packing boxes.

The half box will advertise your soap like no other:

Picture your soap in a half box. It is half-exposed; an interested customer can come and look at it. He can also touch it, smell it, feel its texture, and decide to buy it. Soap users are discerning customers and need a good amount of convincing before they buy a soap. Half box soap packaging gives them the freedom to check the product in any way they like.

Half boxes are perfect for new brands:

If you are a new entrant and want to introduce your soap in the market, go for half-box soap packaging. It will give the potential users a first-hand experience of your product. It will also show that you are very confident about the quality of your product, and that is why showing it off in a half box.

Half boxes will also reduce your packing cost:

This one is a no-brainer. Because a half-box has no top or cover, it uses less material and less money to produce. Half boxes provide an ideal solution for someone who has just started the soaps business or who is looking to cut costs. You get a box that looks good and costs less too.

They are highly versatile:

A half box is very adaptable and flexible. You can get these boxes made in shape, size, or design. Also, you can use any locking mechanism on them. You can also glue, staple, or tape them with absolute ease. All these qualities make them highly versatile to use.

They do not weigh much either:

Half soap packaging is very lightweight. Their weight will not matter at all. That makes them easy to carry and transport. It will also reduce the transportation cost because, on the weight scale, they do not create much of an impact. They can be loaded and offloaded from a vehicle with little effort.

Materials available for half box soap packaging:

You can get the half-box soap packaging produced in different materials. Popular materials for making them are as follows;

Cardboard stock material: It is probably the most popular material for producing boxes. And you can use them to make half-box soap packaging as well. It is available in different grades of thickness and is easily moldable. It is rigid, durable, and very stable. Plus, its availability is no issue at all.

Kraft paper: Kraft paper is another material available for half-box soap packaging. This material is bio-degradable and usually comes in brown color. Organic/herbal soaps, beauty bars, and home-based soap makers use this paper. It is sturdy and protects the soap well. Plus, its eco-friendliness is its particular merit.

Corrugated material: It is an extension of cardboard. Usually, you get it by pressing three sheets with one wavy sheet sandwiched between two plain ones. It makes the extra material strength to hold weight.

half box soap packaging

Can you customize half-box soap packaging?

The answer is yes; you can customize it. You can use get it with any design and shape. You can also go for all the add-on printing styles that you may use on a whole box of soap. These may include;

Colorful graphics
Laminated printing
Glossy or matte finish
UV spot printing
Foil stamping
Embossing or debossing

If you are a soap maker and want to make half-box packaging, check out Fast Custom Boxes. It is a one-stop solution for all your custom packaging boxes with logo needs. It produces boxes for any type and usage. They have a full-fledged design team that will give you suggestions on how to create your package and the best options to produce them. With competitive pricing, fast delivery, and premium quality, you can safely place your order here and get the best results.


That sums up about half box soap packaging. It is a unique box styled to create an impression in the end-user eyes. You can customize it in any way you like and produce attractive boxes that protect your product.

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