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Handheld Guide for Trading Time Frames

Best Time Frames for Trading

Time frames are for the most part measured in minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months. Smaller time outlines tend to have a more prominent number of exchanging signals. In any case, getting numerous buying/selling signals may not continuously be awesome in case you’re not mindful of the ways to bargain with so much information.

This is why it is critical to decide what kind of dealer you’re , what are your objectives, and how you need to meet them earlier to selecting time outline for your trading. Selecting the proper time outline to a great extent depends on what sort of exchanging you prefer.

You can’t conceivably have a one of a kind reply to “which time outline is better”, since it depends on you as well as your exchanging procedure. Since time frames and exchanging styles are specifically connected, you have got to discover out which exchanging fashion suits you.

So, which time frame suits who? Here’s a brief look at the common ones:


Scalping refers to one of the foremost dynamic exchanging methodologies which incorporates entering and exiting markets from inside some seconds to a number of minutes. By recognizing little cost changes a few times in a exchanging session, scalpers oversee construct.

To build up little wins in a offered to earn a conventional benefit when a exchanging day ends. Scalpers need to search for and make the foremost of comparatively little cost vacillations to create exchanges. Ordinarily, they utilize time outlines right from a miniature to 15 minutes.

Day Trading

Day trading refers to yet another intraday trading style that emphasizes on comparatively small price movements within a trading day. Similar to scalpers, day traders would generally opt for margin trading and leverage to enhance their market exposure. But, they would have many more options when it comes to selecting their time frames on the basis of the duration for wish they want to hold their position within a day.

Day trading is a very short-term trading style which makes the most of the price movement from a few minutes to a few hours, till all trading positions are closed by the end of the day.

Swing Trading

Swing trading is a short to medium-term trading strategy which lays emphasis on longer time frames to assess price movements and trends while also detecting patterns with trades that could last from a few days to a few weeks. Swing traders generally depend on technical analysis to make the most of price movements between a swing low and a swing high.

Position Trading

Position trading is a longer style where investors take a position driven by the anticipation that the value would go up over time. Position traders generally stick to trends and thus would make the most of a large market movement as soon as they identify a trend.

Short-term price movements and volatility are not taken into consideration in such types of trading. They tend to have a long-term view and would hold their positions for months. Position traders may typically opt for the longest time frames among all the trading styles.

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