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Health Benefits of Using a Humidifier

You may feel irritation in many parts of your body due to dry hair. Many doctors suggest the use of a humidifier to fight off asthma issues and breathing problems.

A humidifier is a good option when it comes to adding moisture to the air. It helps to reduce the dryness in the air and helps in breathing. People with dry skin, lips, and nose can also get benefits from the humidifier as it reduces the dryness and moisturizes your airways, helping to reduce irritation.

Experts from chiniot general hospital say that people with symptoms of common cold and flu should try a humidifier to reduce them. Here are some things that you can use a humidifier for, including:

To relieve dryness, you can use a humidifier and for some other reasons too.

  • Bloody noses
  • Dry cough
  • Cracked lips
  • Dry skin
  • Sinus congestion
  • Headache
  • Nose irritation
  • Irritated vocal cords

When your home air is dry, you may feel irritation in different areas of your body. The most common time of the year is the winter when you experience such type of irritation. But people may also experience these symptoms during summer when they stay inside a fully air-conditioned room.

What Are The Types Of The Humidifiers?

Well, what humidifier type you choose all depends on the budget, steam vaporizers, central humidifiers, impeller humidifiers, steam vaporizers, ultrasonic humidifiers, evaporators, etc.

Benefits of using a humidifier 

Protect you against influenza 

People who use a humidifier inside the home are at lower risk of the catching flu. If a person with influenza sneezes, the humidity above 40% deactivates the virus particles and lowers the risk of infection. Using a humidifier does leave positive effects on many health conditions, including influenza.

Keep your hair and skin moist 

During winter, the skin, nails, and lips become dry. Many people feel irritation due to the dry atmosphere. Heating units pump hot air can result in extremely dry air that leads to dry, itchy, and flaky skin. Exposure to cold air can also cause dry skin. People use different moisturizers to prevent dryness but you can try a humidifier for better results.

Home benefits 

Moisture in the air is beneficial around the home. More moisture in the air is good for many households. For example, it keeps your furniture and wood floor lasting longer and also prevents your wallpapers from cracking. The use of humidifiers leads to the prevention of static electricity from building up.

Researchers also say that humid air is more beneficial for feeling warmer. It helps to save your electricity as it increases the rate of warmness.

Less snoring

More moisture in the air means that it will lead to less snoring. It keeps your airway moisturized and more sufficiently lubricated. People can see the difference after using a humidifier at home. Experts also say that a humidifier can relieve the symptoms as well.

More productive cough 

Dry air can cause many health conditions. One of these conditions includes the unproductive cough that does not eliminate phlegm. More humidity in the air leads to more moisture that also results in moist airways. Doctors say that a productive cough removes the sticky phlegm and also releases the trapped one.

What are the risk factors to consider when using a humidifier?

Here are some risk factors to consider, such as:

A humidifier converts the water into vapors in the air that you can breathe. But the dirty water unit tank may result in dirty vapors that may result in unhealthy breathing. Foster germs can cause breathing issues. You need to clean the humidifier thoroughly. If you have no idea how to clean a humidifier, read the guidelines on the box.

Some guidelines say that we all should use clean water in the humidifier as the tap water which is unfiltered builds up in the machine and results in faster wear down.

You can inhale these minerals from the air that can cause various issues. Make sure that you do not use tap water that results in dust.

Mold and dust mites may grow more in the high humidity environment. Such environmental elements can cause asthma and other conditions.

People should avoid sitting too close to the machine as it can cause problems.

How to use a humidifier 

  • Make sure that you keep track of humidity levels
  • Clean the humidifier regularly
  • Read and follow the guidelines by the manufacturer
  • Change filters as instructed.

If you experience worse symptoms, quit its use and discuss it with your doctor.

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