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Hero Splendor Bike: This Bike is Wooing Customers with its Best Mileage

When the Hero Splendor was first launched in the ’90s, it was called the Hero Honda Splendor. There was basically no difference between it and the Hero Honda CD100, except for the bikini fairing at the center of the headlight. Hercules Honda took center stage with a simple 100cc 4-stroke engine that was fuel-efficient, durable enough for use in villages, and powerful enough to haul milk and livestock feed. 

Neither the maintenance nor the parts were expensive. A motorcycle with this kind of cost of ownership just went down drastically compared to a motorcycle with any other type of cost. The design and paint schemes of the Splendor made it look fashionable (for that time) and quickly gained popularity. Upon the split between Honda motorcycles and Hero motorcycles, Splendor turned the fortunes of Hero Honda and Honda motorcycles.

Known for its durability, fuel efficiency, and long lifespan, splendor bike price, it earns a stellar reputation. In terms of commercial success, Hero’s biggest hit is Splendor, which has sold millions. This level of success has never been reached by any other motorcycle or motorbike brand.

Most of India got on two wheels thanks to the Splendor, and that trend continues in semi-urban and rural areas as well. When the Splendor underwent its first cosmetic and styling update in a decade, it remained in its original form. 

Three different engines are available in the Splendor range of bikes online – the original 97cc engine, which is still being produced today; the 110cc engine developed and launched after the split with Honda; and the 125cc Super Splendor, which is designed for people who want more power and torque without a lot of flashes.

Splendor Plus is a commuter motorcycle with a displacement of 97cc that is reliable and affordable. Hero Motocorp’s proprietary i3s start/stop technology appears on the Splendor iSmart 110, a step up from the Splendor Plus. Super Splendor, whose displacement is near 125cc, is the final motorcycle to be discussed. Even decades after its launch, the Splendor brand remains the most popular motorcycle brand in the country because of its reliability, fuel efficiency, and low maintenance costs.

It’s cheap 

Many of the Indian population live below the lower middle-class income level. These people are predominantly driven by cost when buying a motorcycle. It is still possible to buy the Splendor for less than Rs. 60,000 on the road today. The customer can get a two-wheeler loan from Bajaj Finserv after booking a bike, scooty, or scooter on Bajaj Mall.

It’s very fuel efficient

With your new bike, you will get an average of 70 kilometres per gallon. Some users claim to get 75+ kmpl from their motorcycles. Originally, our bike (Passion Plus) gave us 65+ kmpl on average when we bought it in 2004. You can easily get about 50+ kmpl out of it after 14 years. You can get an idea of the bike’s fuel efficiency over time by looking at its fuel economy over the years.

The cost of maintaining it is very low

The cost of service once every 6 months is roughly between 400 and 500 rupees. It would help if you did not spend more than Rs.1,000 per year to service this bike. 

Cheap parts are available

Non-OEM spare parts are far cheaper than OEM parts, and you can further reduce their price by 20–25% if you purchase local non-OEM spare parts.

There is a lot of robustness to it

There is no doubt that this bike will last a long time. During the ownership of these bikes, very few repairs are required. The suspension on this bike is highly advanced. A bike’s suspension is amazing when we sit on it. A little pressure will be applied to the entire bike. The suspension at the speed breaker is truly amazing. 

A wide range of services is available through it

There are a lot of Hero service centers located all over India. Additionally, mechanics are available everywhere in India if you haven’t been to an official service center in a long time.


As soon as it was launched in 1994, this motorcycle garnered only love from the public. This motorcycle has become synonymous with reliability and economic maintenance in the intervening years.

Good Engine

This engine has very little sound; it sounds like the bass is coming from the woofer system. There will still be a little sound coming from the silencer, even if you are riding at 60 to 70 kmph. Many people prefer sounds like the Yamaha RX 100 and the Suzuki RX 100. 

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