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How Can Custom Heat Transfers Be Useful?

Heat transfer printing can be a broad term that is used for various fabric printing techniques. It uses high heat, intense pressure, and a heat transfer medium to complete the job. In this case, the design imagery is printed on one side of the heat transfer medium. Then, heat is applied, using the heat press machine, onto the garment of choice. Different heat transfer techniques exist, thus making it essential to research and know more about custom heat press transfers specifically.


  • The technique is suitable for orders having individual numbers and names (like sports jerseys).
  • Affordable even for small orders (less than 20 pieces).
  • Economical for prints having several colors.
  • Can print color gradients.
  • Can create photo-quality prints.
  • Offers a quick turnaround time.

FAQs on Heat Transfers

1. Lead time

For print-ready orders, orders that do not require any sort of corrections, the typical lead time ranges around 24 to 48 hours upon order preprocessing.

For non-print-ready orders, the turnaround time will vary pending artwork approval.

2. What to decide before placing your order:

  • Apparel color.
  • Apparel type (like Drifit Roundneck or Cotton, Windbreakers, Bomber Jacket, Polo Tees, etc.)
  • Desired print size (like A3 or A4).
  • Order size (order to be 20 pieces or even less).
  • Print position (like a right sleeve, back, front, left chest, etc.)

What do we need from you?

You are expected to provide the following to ensure the best possible results:

  • Apparel/T-shirt size breakdown.
  • The formula you intend to use.
  • The number of heat transfers needed.
  • Custom design high-resolution image, generally in .Ai or .Pdf format. (Our artwork service experts are more than happy to help with this step if you
  • Contact details & Delivery address.

Are they durable?

Typically, heat transfer t-shirt prints can last for approximately 50+ washes. When compared to other prints like DTG, embroidery, or silkscreen, they are found to be less durable. In some cases, heat transfer prints can be a good choice:

  • T-shirts that are not worn too often.
  • The high desire for unique prints on clothing.
  • Versatile product branding.

A few examples may include bi-annual or annual sporting events, custom clothes meant for anniversaries, or some other special occasion. Print life can be further extended following a few steps.

How are digital heat transfers printed?

The process uses digital transfer paper and an Inkjet printer. This particular method is intended to print just about any design. The higher the artwork resolution, the better the image quality in the final product.

Any custom design is to be printed upon heat transfer paper’s film side with an inkjet printer first. Vibrant colors can be derived with the light-heat transfer paper using light/white fabric. For dark fabric, dark-heat transfer paper needs to be used. This ensures that the fabric’s natural color does not show through the ink.

The image of the printed design is then placed onto the fabric in a face-down position. Next, a heat press machine is used to apply pressure and heat onto the design. This reaction to heat is what causes the image to transfer onto the desired garment.

Before carrying out the process, be sure to undertake the proper precautions and do thorough research to increase your understanding. This will help you and others to stay safe while using the heat press machine and heat transfers respectively. You may also consider the pros and cons of water-based screen-printed transfers.

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