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How safe is Costa Rica for visitors?

When deciding to travel or reside abroad, safety is among the most crucial topics to investigate. The top spot in Latin America belongs to Costa Rica, which is placed 38th overall out of 163 nations in the 2022 Global Peace Index. This ranking is based on elements such as terrorism, ecological risk, gun access, mass shootings, human rights, relations with nearby nations, a working government, etc. Even though Costa Rica is regarded as a pretty tranquil country, Still wondering Is Costa Rica Safe for Travel in 2022? read below points.

  • Be wary of small-time thievery

Petty theft is unavoidably the most frequent hazard to tourists in Costa Rica because of how popular the country is with travellers. Once you arrive in the country, you should immediately begin to exercise caution. Pickpockets frequent airports because they are busy places, especially at the exit gates. Make sure you are constantly aware of the whereabouts of your wallet and passports! Don’t leave any bags or valuables in your car while you’re on vacation. There is a chance that your automobile will be broken into if your possessions are on display. Once you have arrived at your accommodations, lock up your passport and valuables in safety deposit boxes (if offered) and have a copy of your information with you at all times. (Instead of renting your own automobile, which bears this risk, we recommend booking private transport or shared shuttles!)

Costa Rica’s capital city of San José is bustling. If you remain vigilant, you can take advantage of everything it has to offer.

  • Driving safety

Driving in Costa Rica can be difficult, even for experienced drivers, due to the unknown and poor quality of the roads. This is a risk if you are renting a car because rural roads are challenging to travel on during the rainy season. Drive carefully at night because it can be difficult to see guardrails, signs, and street lights. It is nevertheless possible to run across criminals and robberies that put your car in danger in cities with dense downtown traffic! In big cities like San José, Alajuela, Puntarenas, or Limón, stay away from street parking and seek out secure lots with attendants instead. Read on for additional details on car rentals and driving in Costa Rica.

  • How to stay healthy in Costa Rica

Due to Costa Rica’s proximity to the equator, travellers to the country should expect to be exposed to greater UV radiation. When travelling to Guanacaste, one of Costa Rica’s sunniest regions, keep in mind to drink plenty of water and use sunscreen.

Avoid becoming sick while on vacation. Make sure you follow the rules of safety so you may stay healthy and take advantage of every day you have in paradise.

When travelling, it’s a good idea to always include some first-aid supplies like painkillers, bandages, and diarrhoea medication – especially if you want to try some new cuisine that differs from your usual diet. Before eating, wash your hands and sanitise them! Before unwinding at a location like Starbucks, where you may cool off with their reviving drinks, adventure activities might leave you feeling a little scuffed and dusty.

In the unlikely event that you get sick, you can purchase over-the-counter medications at your neighbourhood pharmacy or clinic. Simply phone 911 to reach emergency services in Costa Rica or the United States. Contact your travel organisers if you have any little inconveniences while on vacation, and they will try their utmost to assist you!

  • Keep these neighbourhoods in mind

In contrast to Costa Rica’s stunning beaches and verdant forests, tourists have vastly diverse perceptions of the capital city of San José. Regrettably, this city has a greater crime rate than other cities. We would suggest that you stay away from Hatillo, an area of San José that is particularly infamous for its drug selling and poor reputation. While San José has several secure tourist destinations during the day, you should avoid being out and about after dark.

Some of Costa Rica’s coastal communities, including Jacó on the Pacific Coast and Limón on the Caribbean Coast, have also experienced an increase in violence as a result of more visitors. Nevertheless, if you stick with your tour group and avoid travelling alone at night, you’ll feel quite safe when exploring the national parks and stunning beaches in this area.

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