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How to Change Your Shopify Store Name?

Choosing a name for your business is perhaps the most important decision you will make. It is the name that is going to be in front of your customers’ eyes, in huge bold letters on their cash register receipts. So, it needs to be a name that:
Sticks in their mind! And after that this question is arrived “how to change your shopify store name

That gives them a reason to remember. And, as we all know, if they don’t remember, they won’t come back. And, once they do come back, they won’t be able to forget.

Because you will be there every time they log onto their computer. Due to the rise in Shopify stores, people are now exploring the concept of changing their store name without spending money.

The situation is that while you can’t just change your store name overnight, there are still ways to make it happen without spending a dime. Changing your Shopify store name can be a difficult task.

It is necessary to build a case for why the change needs to happen and how it will benefit the business.

Why A Shopify Store Name is Crucial?

Whether it is a personal or business store, having a cool and descriptive name can go a long way. A great name can also have an impact on whether people are interested in your product.

Many retailers and shoppers try to come up with the perfect Shopify store name that will have the most traction, but you might be wondering is it actually worth the time and effort? The answer is yes!

You should always remember that your Shopify store name is extremely important because it should truly represent what your business or brand is about. A simple mistake when naming your Shopify store can also have a big impact on the success of your business.

This is because not only does the name of your store have to be memorable, it also needs to be easily identifiable by customers and SEO optimizers.

Method to Change Your Shopify Store Name

The name of your shop is one of the most critical and useful pieces of information that you should have. It’s a good idea to create a new name for your store as soon as you find out that your current name is already taken on Shopify.

There are different methods to change your Shopify Store Name. Some of these methods include: changing your store name in the admin panel, transferring your store from another platform, and changing a domain.

In this article, we will see how to change the Shopify store name without paying for it.

  1. Upgrading your store to the latest version will change the Shopify Store Name automatically. You just need to head over to the Apps and Settings page in the admin dashboard, click on Upgrade Now, and then follow the instructions from there. This method works best when you’re not going through any other major changes in your store at the time when it happens (such as adding or removing products).
  2. You can do so by using a domain name and hosting service from a different country. This is not an ideal option if you have an international business. You could be doing this for your Shopify store just to have something that sounds foreign and cool. But it’s not cost-effective or even legal in the long run. For this strategy to work, your first step is to find a similar-sounding domain name that is not owned by anyone else.

Remember that these domains will be expensive because they are usually registered through companies such as GoDaddy or Namecheap.

Things to Consider for Your Shopify Store Name

There are a few things you can keep in mind while naming your Shopify Store such as whether or not the name includes a word that is currently trending in the industry. Just check out the below-discussed points.

  1. It is also important to research how many other companies in your industry have changed their names recently. If there are many, then you know that this approach is likely not going to work out for you if you don’t employ another marketing strategy.
  2. You need to know if your account has any restrictions on changing the name of your store. It is important to ask because without getting permission from the company, you might not be able to change it at all.
  3. Go back in time and make a list of every single product that has been sold on your Shopify store with its original name. You can use this list later as a reminder when creating the new one.
  4. The names of all the Shopify stores can help you to get more customers and raise your revenue. Many people are still unaware of how they should go about choosing a name for their store.
  5. The most important thing to consider while naming your store is that it should be easy to remember and in sync with your brand’s personality. The name should also be short, catchy, and on-brand.

Some Quires that you must Focus on:

What are the things to consider while naming a Shopify Store? Here are some of them:

  • What is the theme of your store?
  • What does your store specialize in?
  • What does your store sell?
  • How will you get your customers attracted to your store?
  • How do you plan on marketing your shop?
  • These are some of the questions that are quite important to select a name for your Shopify store.


Shopify has made it easy for you to change your store name. So, if you want to switch to a new name, go ahead and make the change or contact with Adziv to help you. Your current Shopify store name is not unique and does not follow the naming convention that Shopify recommends.

You cannot change your store name until you’ve not done various things. So, make sure that your product listing includes at least one SKU. All of your product listings include at least one category.

Try to check that none of your products have been deleted or edited since they were added without updating their names first. If they have, delete them and then add them again with a new name in place of the previous one.

All in all, all these things going to help you about how to change your Shopify store name without wasting a penny by using your efforts.

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