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How to choose a computer: gaming laptop or desktop computer

So is it better to buy a laptop or a desktop computer?


This is a big decision that will ultimately determine what you can and cannot do with your new computer. We will talk about the advantages of both, so that you can decide which one best suits your needs.Best gaming laptops under 500.


When choosing between a laptop and a desktop computer for gaming, there are a few important factors to consider. While a gaming laptop is smaller and portable, a desktop PC is larger and more customizable. Both are great options, but they also have their strengths and weaknesses.


How big will a desktop computer experience be able to convey? Let’s take a look at the different uses and characteristics of each.




Although it may seem otherwise, when you buy a computer, performance should not be the most important factor in your decision. While laptops had a reputation for being underpowered compared to their desktop counterparts, this is not always the case anymore.


Modern laptops can be incredibly efficient and powerful. Although desktops can still outperform when it comes to high-end components and thermal considerations, the difference is much less pronounced than it used to be.


Performance is highly comparable, so let’s look at some other factors that you should be aware of.


Portability comparison:


When comparing a gaming laptop to a desktop computer, the first question to ask yourself is whether you prefer a computer that you can use anywhere or a larger and heavier one that offers more ports and customization options.




The main strength of a laptop is portability. With the right laptop, you’ll be able to do more than you can on a desktop computer, almost anywhere.


If you are one of those who are often away from home, this flexibility can be of great benefit. Today’s laptops are more compact than ever, so you can use them in places you wouldn’t normally (or at least shouldn’t) take a desktop computer to, like on board a plane, or to your favorite coffee shop.


Gaming laptops, meanwhile, typically feature high-end hardware that will allow you to play competitive and AAA games wherever you are.


Laptops are battery-powered and feature a display, keyboard, and trackpad, but with the right peripherals you can also achieve a desktop-like experience. What you add to your equipment, such as charging bases, mice, keyboards and external video game screens, can further increase the versatility of a laptop, although this represents an additional cost compared to what you purchased in the first place.


Desktop computer:


Desktops, on the other hand, are much larger, and not as portable. Even the smallest desktop computer will still need a power outlet and monitor. While some don’t mind transporting an entire tower for special occasions like LAN parties, most people limit their tabletop experience to just one location.


Desktop computers also have a large number of I / O ports (capable of connecting external devices) that are usually available through the motherboard, as well as expansion slot devices connected via PCIe *, such as independent graphics cards. The case can also include more connectivity options, such as front audio and USB ports. This translates to support for multiple monitors, non-standard peripherals, additional USB connectivity options, and a more dynamic and flexible gaming or workstation.


Hardware upgrades:


The portability of notebooks also has disadvantages; for example, its compact size makes it difficult to install updates. In many laptops the processor and graphics card are soldered to the motherboard or are extremely difficult to access. In this sense, desktop computers have the upper hand, as they have easily accessible internal components.


Desktop computer


On the other hand, most desktop computers are easy to upgrade.

  1. Due to its modular design, its components can be replaced relatively easily, and this allows you to update your hardware as needed. Instead of buying a new machine when your PC starts to show the ailments of age, you can upgrade in phases as needed and keep your desktop up-to-date with the latest hardware.


Even pre-built computers are usually upgradeable, although you should always confirm with the manufacturer that tampering with the system will not violate the warranty terms.


In the same way, the physical size of desktops opens them up to more customization options than laptops | Best gaming laptops under 500.


Desktop computer


In the case of desktop computers, customization is one of the biggest draws. Since you can easily exchange hardware, you can keep exactly what you need and forgo what you don’t need. A desktop computer provides:


A variety of custom hardware options. Whether you are looking to overclock the CPU 2 and want to ensure optimal temperatures with a custom liquid cooling loop, or more interested in building the smallest desktop available, almost anything is possible thanks to that you have precise control over what will or will not be included in the system.

Very regulated performance. Custom hardware ensures that your computer is running at peak performance. Compared to a laptop, the mounting space available on a desktop PC offers more space to install quality cooling solutions. In a desktop computer, you can install fans, all-in-one (AIO) CPU coolers, or complex custom cooling loops that provide a precise thermal solution to meet your specific hardware demands.

More aesthetic options. The aesthetic aspect can also be changed further in the case of desktop computers. This allows you to go far beyond the color of your case and choose between different sizes, brands, specifications and visual designs for each component of your PC. Not only can you customize the performance of your machine with a careful selection of hardware and cooling solutions, but you can also unleash your creativity and create a unique looking machine.

If in the end you opt for a pre-assembled one, you will continue to benefit from the high degree of customization. Some vendors allow you to choose what to include in your new PC before assembling it, which means that you will have all the benefits of a desktop computer, even when you did not assemble it yourself.


Parallel comparison

When it comes to deciding whether to buy a laptop or a desktop computer to play video games, there is no right answer. There is no one better than another.


It all comes down to what you consider most important: the portability that a laptop allows you, or the extensive customization options that desktop computers offer you, including the option of mounting your own PC.

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