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How to choose the most suitable electric scooter?

Electric scooters (or electric scooters) are deservedly becoming an increasingly popular means of getting around the city. They are environmentally friendly convenient and fast Electric Scooter UK enough, and due to their small size they are even more convenient and suitable for the urban environment than a bicycle. In the end, an electric scooter can not only be transported in public transport, but also removed at the workplace under the table!

However, before you buy yourself an electric scooter, it makes sense to learn more about them – there are different types of electric scooters designed for specific needs, and of course they come in very different price categories.

What types of electric scooters are there?

There are different types of electric scooters, and each of them is designed for a specific situation – someone will need a very light and compact electric scooter for the city, while for other needs it is better to choose a more solid and powerful device.

What electric scooters are currently on the market? So there are:

Children’s electric scooters.

Light urban electric scooters with a small maximum distance that can be covered on a single charge.

Electric scooters with a large maximum distance that can be covered on a single charge.

powerful off-road electric scooters with a large or small maximum distance that can be covered on a single charge.

maxi electric scooters are the most powerful type of this category of compact vehicles, which are also suitable for driving on gravel. These scooters are stable and comfortable, but they are large and heavy.

The most essential parameters of electric scooters

One of the most important characteristics of electric scooters is their lift . The amplitude of the lifting force of electric scooters is very wide – it can reach 200 kg, and the main difference between children’s electric scooters and electric scooters intended for adults lies precisely in the certain weight that this vehicle can carry. In this regard, it is worth remembering that a cheaper electric scooter must be bought with a reserve of lift – this way you can ensure a longer service life.

The size of the electric scooter itself and its wheels also matter . The small size of the electric scooter has its advantages – it is convenient to store it indoors or transport it in public transport. But in small scooters, the batteries are also accordingly small. The more wheels an electric scooter has, the more comfortable it is to ride. It is recommended to buy electric scooters with wheels that have treads and tubes. Larger, simpler electric scooters have hard, “bald” wheels, but such vehicles are not only less comfortable, but also less safe, and break more often.

One of the most important characteristics of an electric scooter is the distance that can be traveled on a single charge. that is, how many kilometers the scooter can cover without recharging. It depends on the volume of the battery, in addition, factors such as the weight of the scooter, the utility factor and the technologies used in its production play an important role. In any case, if you know what distance you will need to cover on one charge, then this factor must be agreed with the proposal in a timely manner.

Black electric scooter

Scooters also differ in that some have simple electric motors , while others have motorized wheels . If the electric scooter has a motorized wheel, then it drains the battery less, in addition, an electric scooter with such a wheel is able to pick up speed faster. Another advantage of an electric scooter with motorized wheels is that such scooters are usually lighter in weight and smaller. Both types of motors can have the same power – in the range from 150 to 1000 watts.

The maximum speed of the mid-range electric scooter is up to 30 km/h, however, the speed may vary from model to model. A powerful scooter can reach speeds of 50 km/h and even more, a simpler model can travel at a maximum speed of up to 15 km/h. Of course, we must remember that electric scooters are not the kind of vehicle on which you have to try to develop a huge speed, and when driving fast, small scooters become less manageable. Do not forget that the main thing is safety on the road.

Another important parameter of an electric scooter which is mainly related to ride safety is its braking system. Most of the simple models of electric scooters are equipped with a primitive braking mechanism, which means that to brake the scooter’s fender you just need to press your foot against the wheel and the speed will gradually decrease. Much safer will be a device with V-brakes, which are similar to bicycle brakes. There are also more expensive Hoverboards Christmas Sale models of electric scooters equipped with brake discs, which are the most convenient and safe type of brakes.

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