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How To Clean A Bong Correctly?

Of all the ways to consume medical marijuana, using a bong is one of the most inconvenient and messy! Bongs don’t always collect clean because residue from previous users can get stuck in them. And if you’re not cleaning your piece after every single use – it might be full of harmful dirt or bacteria which will make enjoying weed even less aromatic than usual for those who love their weeds cooked right into an odorless dish. According to a medical marijuana clinic in West Palm Beach, following is the best way to clean a glass bong correctly.  

The bong is a crucial part of any marijuana smoker’s life. Whether it be for medical or adult-use, the importance and maintenance thereof cannot be understated! Medical doctors recommend regular cleaning to ensure no bacteria has infected your woodwinds with dirt in between uses; however this can also lead you down an unhealthy path should there arise concerns about its quality.

What Tools Should Be Used In Cleaning Your Bong

You might think that cleaning your bong is a difficult task, but don’t be intimidated! It can actually be very easy. All medical marijuana doctors in Florida ask patients to clean their pipes after every few days and there are some signs which will indicate if you need another session: resin build-up on the inside of it (or outside), slimy film or stinky water for example – all mean that we should take care our self with this process by giving them an appropriate cleaner so as not damage its flavor.

Here’s what you’ll need to clean your bong

Lighter fluid (or other sobering agent) Rubbing alcohol, salt and hand towels for wiping down the outside of it Zipper storage bags or an oven bag if possible! Once all this prep work has been done make sure not only do we have everything on hand but also place our prepped bowls in their respective places before lighting up.

Steps Required In Cleaning Your Bong

Whether you’re smoking vertically or horizontally, it’s important to keep your bongs clean. To do so effectively and safely use two separate bags for each component of the pipe so they don’t get dirt allergic while being stored away!

Soak your bong in salt and isopropyl alcohol to keep it clean. Sometimes even better than using a specific cleaning solution for pipes, this mixture will do the trick! Add enough of both bags until you can barely see anything left except for water around downstem or bowl

To ensure that your bong stays clean, pour out the old water from it and then fill up with fresh. By changing this regularly you can avoid frequent resin build-up which might cause problems for both performance as well as hygiene!

Fill the bong with water and then add salt or alcohol. Let it soak until you can’t see any more liquid coming out of your funnel, which should take about 10 minutes for each type (sodium chloride solution; pure alcoholic drink).

Once you have installed your bong plugs, make sure they are in place and not coming out. They should cover the mouthpiece as well as down stem area so that no smoke goes through them when burning hottest marijuana strains like Indica or Sativa!

To get the most out of your bong, make sure you clean it after every use. The easiest way is to shake up all parts in a bag so they don’t clog anywhere – including where there are no cracks! Pour away any alcohol or salt-based solution that has been used for this procedure since these substances will only damage whatever surface was originally wetted by them.

In order to avoid any residue from the previous user, fill your bong with hot water and shake lightly. repeat this same process for shaking out remains of resin before repeating again on downstem/bowl combination after cleaning them off in between sessions through proper towel drying technique

Prevention Techniques

No one likes to spend their time cleaning the bong, but it’s an unavoidable chore. If you want less hassle with this task though there are some things that can help save us from frequent cleanings: adding lemon juice or vinegar solution when smoking marijuana-acquired resin inside of your pipe; always draining all water out before putting away so extra build up doesn’t happen over night (or even just sitting at home). And if anything gets too sticky – try these tips for quick cleanup!


Medical marijuana has been gaining momentum as a treatment for various ailments. With that in mind, it’s important to be aware of how and what kind you should clean your device with if there are concerns about unclean practices leading up against poor health or adverse effects on the user’s body. Read this detailed guide about how to clean a glass bong if you need to read with explanations.

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