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How to Clear IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking & Financial) exam (CSP)?

To open a CSP for any bank you have to clear an exam of IIBF,
Today we are going to talk about what types of question you have to
prepare to crack this exam, after reading this article you might get
success in your very first attempt,
Let’s start the conversation, I am goanna talk one by one in very deep,
now let me tell you in details as I have covered a total of eleven points to
touch to clear this exam once you will prepare these eleven points no
one can hold you back to get success in this exam.

IIBF exam syllabus 2021:

1. Saving bank account

As you know often an individual person
opens a saving account so you have to research on saving bank
account like what are the documents are required to open it, what
is the cash limit of these types of accounts, how much cash
withdrawal limit in it on per day basis, you have to research
everything about saving account.

2. Current account

I hope you already know about the current
account like you have to maintain at least Rs. 10,000/- as per bank
account it means it depends on banks what kind of bank you are
using also you have to do some digging like what is a minimum
limit balance to maintain, what is the limitations of cash withdrawal
through the ATM, how many transactions you can make on daily
basis and so many more.

3. Joint account

You have to do some research like who can open
a joint account, what are the eligibility to open a joint account if you
have a group where you can open a joint account how much
deposit you can do in that account, what documents are required,
can they get an ATM card in the joint account, you have to also
take look for OD (Over Draft), what is STDR what is the use of it,
what is RD account what are the facilities you will get in RD
account, so these are the questions you have to cover in your

4. APY (Atal pension yojana)

Based on this scheme who can
have the benefit, what are the eligibility, what is the maturity
period, how much you will get after the surrender when APY was
started, how many people have already taken the benefit so you
have to research all the answers through google or YouTube.

5. Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Yojana & Pradhan Mantri
Suraksha Bama Yojana

These schemes are different from
each other you have to research some question like What are the
registration fees, how many it deducts on a monthly & yearly basis,
you might see a question like what is the full form of PMJJY or
PMSBY that’s why you have to prepare around these questions.

6. Internet & Mobile banking

For mobile banking you might see
questions like what is mobile banking, the Difference between
mobile banking and Internet banking, how you can activate both
mobile & internet banking.

7. SBI (State Bank Of India) Yono

You have to also take look at
SBI Yono what are the facility they are offering, without an ATM
card how you can withdraw money through SBI Yono.

8. ATM card/ Debit card

What is the limit on per day basis for
withdrawal, how much you can transfer, types of debit card like
Visa, MasterCard, Rupay, etc

9. Credit card

How to make payments for a credit card, how to
apply for a credit card, what documents are required to apply for a
credit card you have to research for all these questions.

10. PAN card

what is the need for a PAN card, when does
your bank asks for your PAN card when you have to link your PAN
card to your account.

11. Micro ATM

You have to find out what is micro-ATM, as
you a normal ATM to withdraw money then what is the use of a
Micro ATM.
These are the questions which you have to prepare for I hope you have
got some way to prepare.

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