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How to Create Your First Painting?

Most people want their first painting to be the right way, as they can then keep it as a memory. Do you want a bad-looking painting to be your first memory? No one wants that to happen.

There are many types of paintings, such as wall painting or painting on various surfaces. You can use titan repacking kits for painting a wall or use acrylic paints on canvas.

You can frame your painting and hang it in the living room to remember the beautiful time. But it is only possible if your painting is good enough to present. If you have no idea where to start, then this article is of great help to you.

Let’s start!

1.     You Need to Decide Which Paint you Require.

Your first painting can be any type of painting. You need to figure out which painting has your interest. It will help to make the painting even better if you love doing it. Here are a few options you can consider:

  1.           Acrylic Painting

It is more of a modern painting as people use acrylic paint for décor to present their places with a unique look. You can use it on any surface, as priming is not that necessary.

It is also famous for drying up fast. The clean of this type of painting is much easier, as it is water-soluble. You can make it possible by a combination of soap and water only, as you do not require any expensive detergent.

It has many qualities, such as it is the most versatile form of painting. It is durable and, you can make paint it thick or thin depending upon your desire.

  1.           Watercolor Painting

Water painting is everyone’s favorite. It is as satisfying as it can get. It is also a traditional form of painting. One of its best features is that it is water-soluble. It comes in various forms, such as the following:

  •         It comes in tube form.
  •         It comes in a palette form which ranges from 6-12-24 and so on.
  •         It also comes in a liquid form.

You can always re-do the watercolor painting. Once the painting is dry, you can add more water to it and re-do it or give it a better look than before. You can also do it after years, which means you adjust your first painting, making it look better.


 III.            Oil Painting

It is such a painting that has oils included in its pigments. It is also a traditional method of painting. It does not dry soon and remains wet for a long time. You can also reuse the oils on the palettes after some time, as they will still be fresh and wet.

One of its best features is that it is easy to blend. You can not clean it as simply as other paints with water. You will require solvents such as water-soluble oils to clean the brushes and any paint on the surface.

2.   You Need to Look for Ideas to Paint.

After you decide which type of painting you will do, you need to search for the perfect inspiration. You can look for pictures and ideas on the internet, such as Instagram and Pinterest.

These two social media platforms can work best for you. You can find any picture, whichever pleases you the most. Choose an image that gives the best vibes even after years.

3.   Make all the Tools Ready Which you will Need During Painting.

Once you decide on the painting method and the image, now is the time you will need all the tools to make your painting. Have all your tools ready as you will not want to leave the painting in between.

 Some of the tools you may require are:

  •         Paints
  •         Brushes
  •         Canvas
  •         Palettes, etc.


4.   Mix the Colors Well.

It is not easy to find all the colors in the palette available. To make unique colors available, you need to mix various colors. It will help you create the best shades which your palette can not give.

5.    Start with your First Painting.

Following the steps above now you are ready to start with your first painting. Go ahead confidently and paint your dreams. Don’t forget to enjoy it, as this time will come again.

Conclusion: How to Create Your First Painting.


Once you complete your painting, you should always review it. Reviewing it will make it easier for you to decide whether it needs any adjustments or not. Do not confuse yourself with choosing the right approach.

Your first paintings only require your heart and the desire to paint. You can paint in any way that suits you the best. But if you are looking for some basic tips, then go through this article for guidance.

Best of luck!

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