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How To Get Anime Eye Makeup

When it comes to creating a unique makeup appearance, amine eyes have the power to make
or break the look. While there are many lovely anime eye makeup trends to try, the huge doe-
eyed look is a classic piece.

This style is no longer exclusive to those with large almond eyes, thanks to the wonders of
makeup. Regardless of their natural eye shape, anyone may get a larger, brighter eye look with
a few changes to their makeup routine.

Some people appear to make a stunning, complex anime eye in under 10 minutes, while others
struggle to avoid poking their eye out when applying eyeliner. There no denying that applying
anime eye makeup is a learned skill that requires time and experience.

Some Tips To Get Anime Eye Makeup Looks

Make Your Eyes Glow

Highlighter makeup is not only vital for enhancing your features, but it also helps you achieve a
comprehensive, anime-eyed look. To create the illusion of a lifted and larger look, use a
highlighter like the Perfect Match Highlighting Powder on your brow bone, inner corners of eyes,
and center of eyelids.

Make Your Brows Sculpted

Sculpted eyebrows can serve to frame your face and emphasize your features, such as your
small anime eyes, which helps to thicken the look of your brows for hours. Fill up any gaps with
a light application of the product. Then, with the angled brush, contour and define the curve of
your brow and the arch of your nose.

Apply a Primer to Your Eyes

The primer is essential for ensuring that your eye makeup applies easily and lasts all day or
night. Silicone in primers smooth wrinkles and creases around the eyes, making anime eye
makeup look streaky and uneven. Applying primer to your eyelids before applying anything else
will make your makeup look more professional, flawless, and long-lasting.
In the Inner and Outer Corners of the Eyes, Use Bolder Colors

Various color palettes will be used depending on your skin tone, dress choice, and overall taste.
Apply the darkest color you’re working with to your eyes inner and outer corners as a general
rule of thumb. This method is quite flexible, and it works well with a variety of anime eye shapes.
For this phase, use a firmer brush. Stiff brushes make packing color onto the eyelids easier,
resulting in a strong, pigmented effect in these dark regions.

Use a wing eyeliner to create an anime look

The classic winged eyeliner design is ideal for making your eyes appear larger. Build your
anime eyeliner look with tiny thin strokes with the Liquid Dip Eyeliner, Waterproof. Create a little
flip that continues up and outward as you reach the outside edge of your eyes.
Dark eyeliner can make your eyes appear smaller in some cases, so go for a lighter color
instead of black. Consider lining your lids with a colored eyeliner,
In The Inner Corner, There is a Glimmer
It may be blended out and given a high shine. This gives you a natural-looking freshness.
Maybe you’re looking for something a little more. Then don’t mix it out in that situation. This
makes your eyes glitter and is a simple method to make up for not wearing much anime eye
makeup. Between Applications of mascara, Apply a Coating of Powder Dust a little translucent powder over your lashes after applying your first coat of mascara, then
add a second coat. The powder lengthens and volumizes your lashes without clumping them.
With a brush, brush your brow hairs and begin filling them with color in short, gentle strokes that
blend in with your natural hairs.

Crease Contouring

The crease can be contoured to provide a deeper set of eyes, which makes them look larger.
From the outer corner to the crease, apply a matte brown shade and mix well. You can contour
just over your natural crease if you’re striving for a strong makeup appearance.

A Few More Ways of Making your Anime Eyes Appear

 Dark hues, such as blacks and grays, should be avoided.
 For the crease, though, you can use mild browns.
 Don’t use too much eyeliner. This serves to make the eyes appear smaller.
 Using mascara to give your lashes a boost will assist in opening up your eyes.
 You may also use artificial lashes if you like.
 To get rid of puffiness and water retention, use eye masks and gently massage the
regions around the eyes.
 Eye drops should be used if your eyes are red or inflamed. The redness might make
them appear smaller, and it’s not good to keep them that way.

Things You Will Need for Anime Eyes Makeup

 Liquid eyeliner in black
 Eyeshadow in white
 Eyeshadow in silver
 Eyeshadow in charcoal or a dark shade
 Eyeliner in white pencil
 Mascara in black
 Basic cosmetics for the face (foundation, concealer, etc.)
 Highlighter, Eyelash curler

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