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How to Install a Bathroom Vanity Unit UK?

Bathroom vanity units UK have become quite a trend in recent years. Whether you are designing a new bathroom or refurbishing the older one, a vanity unit is a must-have fixture in a modern bathroom. Cannot sit back from joining the trend of installing a vanity unit in your bathroom? You are not alone.

With the high demand for vanity units across the UK, manufacturers have designed easy-to-install units. So, people who are looking to upgrade from a washbasin can simply install a vanity unit themselves without worrying about hiring a plumber.

To be honest, vanity units are not as nerve-wracking to install as many people might perceive. With slight knowledge and guidance, you can install one yourself. This article is written to provide you with just the right guidance to fit a vanity unit yourself.

Royal Bathrooms
Royal Bathrooms

Why You Need Bathroom Vanity Units UK?

Bathroom vanity units UK is the latest trend. But it is not because of any less important reasons. The storage is perhaps the need for every modern bathroom. We have a lot of things that we use every day and should be at easy access, so we can easily use them when needed. From oral hygiene to hair care and cleaning products, we need storage for all of such items. Without these, all of our items will be unorganized, creating a lot of mess making the bathroom look crumpled. There are two important functions of the vanity units.

Royal Bathrooms
Royal Bathrooms
  • The first is obvious reason and that providing storage for the bathroom essentials. So, that is what it is designed and built for. 
  • The second is aesthetics. Besides their practicality, their ability to improve the looks of the bathroom is second to one. That’s why you can rely on this to make your space look good. Depending on the style you choose, these can easily become a centrepiece in the bathroom. 

Is Bathroom Vanity Units UK Difficult to Install?

Whether the do-it-yourself installation of the vanity units is possible or not depends on many factors. Therefore, there is no simple answer to that. The complexity of installation depends on the type of vanity unit you choose and your skills level and experience. If you are looking for DIY installation of your bathroom vanity units, then our guide will help you. 


Royal Bathrooms
Royal Bathrooms

DIY Installation of Bathroom Vanity Units UK. 

Here we discuss, a DIY process of vanity installation. 

Royal Bathrooms
Royal Bathrooms

  • Disconnect the Old Sink

In case you are upgrading from the old sink, start by removing it first. Turn off the main water connection before anything else. It is important to be careful while severing the sink as not to affect the wall, pipelines, or floorings.

The washbasin or vanity you already had will attaches with a sealant. Therefore, it is possible that it requires sealant remover. Otherwise, a standard axe will do the job. After you have removed all the sealants and any nuts and bolts, detach the sink slowly and steadily.

  • Take Measurements for the New Sink

It is critically important to keep the measurements in check before installing the new sink. Because chances are the new sink might not be of the size or dimension as the previous one.

More importantly, note the points of water lines and measure their distance to the sink. Now mark the same distance on the back of the vanity unit using a pencil and drill holes for the water pipelines.

  • Install the Vanity Cabinet

After you have got all the measurements, The next step will be to fit the furniture unit to its place as per markings. It is important to ensure that your storage cabinets vanity remains straight alongside the wall for a better fitting. Check if the drilled holes on the back side of vanity are precisely against the pipe openings. To make fitting sturdy you will need to drill the studs as per your requirements. 

After everything is set in place, drillin the screws into the studs tightly to prevent any movement. Don’t forget to check the balance with the help of a spirit level.

  • Fix the Basin and Cabinet Unit

Once the cabinet unit is installed and fixed, you can fit the sink on top of the unit. A standard procedure is to use a sealant to fix them together. Make sure you pour the sealant across the length of the sink for a sturdy attachment to the cabinet. Also, use sealant to fix the sink with the wall to prevent it from moving.

  • Install the Faucets

The next and final step is to install the faucets and waste lines. Place the faucet on top of the taphole at a 90-degree angle before screwing it in place. Now attach the copper pipe to the main water pipeline using a connector. You might need an adjustable wrench to tighten the screws. Repeat the same procedure if you are installing two taps for hot and cold water separately.

Final Thoughts About Bathroom Vanity Units UK

DIY installation of bathroom vanity units in the UK is possible. However, if you are new to using bathroom equipment or don’t have a piece of technical knowledge, then it is best to get help from a professional plumber. You can check Royal Bathrooms’ online store on the UK’s website for the latest promotions and offers. 

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