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How To Keep You Family Entertained This Summer

The first official day of summer starts in a matter of a few short days from now. So what summer fun do you want for your family to enjoy? Plan a number of outdoor fun and water activities. Have a family bonding day, where each member can show off their best personality. Plan a variety of summer recipe recipes together as a family, and let the kids go wild.

 Eat Outside 

Plan a backyard BBQ on a breezy summer day and dig into all the tasty summer treats like grilled chicken, corn, fresh vegetables, ice cream, and lemonades. If you’re hosting this sort of party, make sure there is enough for everyone to do, especially the younger children. You’ll also need to provide some sort of a sunscreen for your little ones.  If you have access to a pool, you can  make the party even more fun (and easy).  Try play a game around the poolside, and maybe throw in some games played in the pool, such as Marco Polo, beach volleyball or water polo for added excitement.

Enjoy a summer night in with family and friends as you blow off steam with a movie or read a book, or both. During the day, you can take advantage of the out-door areas available at your local community center, or plant trees in your back yard to make a cool attractive place to recreate. This is a great way to incorporate the outdoors into your summer fun plans. Your neighborhood association may even have some specific rules and guidelines about how you plan your front yard (but your backyard layout and landscaping is generally left up to the individual homeowner. house) so be sure to abide by those.

Summer concerts are a great idea for summer fun. Check with your local chamber of commerce to see when the nearest one is scheduled. You might also check online to find out more about upcoming summer concerts and events. You can usually also purchase tickets in advance, which will allow you to manage your budget. This is one way to assure that every member of the family has a chance to attend the event, which will maximize the enjoyment level.

Many families enjoy playing catch in the backyard, and that is an excellent opportunity to encourage bonding. Have everyone pitch in and construct a playhouse. Everyone should get involved in building the structure, which should be constructed mostly of wood or lightweight plastic. The purpose of the playhouse is not just to let your kids play, but also to help teach responsibility. When you see the finished product, you can ask the children to name their favorite parts.

 Watch the Budget 

While summer can be a lot of fun, the season can sometimes strain your family budget.  It is important to plan lots of activities to keep kids busy and engaged while not in school, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend on everything.  Lots of fun actives cost virtually nothing if you use a little creativity.  Utility bills can sore during the hot summer months, especially your water and electricity bills.  Some providers like TXU Energy offer budget payment plans, and lower electricity rates that can help you finances during the summer months.

 25 More Fun Summer Activities 

  • Hike local trails

  • Have a picnic at the playground.

  • Kick off your day with breakfast at the park.

  • Roast marshmallows over a campfire.

  • Camp out in your own backyard.

  • Take a family bike ride.

  • Have a water balloon battle.

  • Watch a base ball game.

  • Go to a movie at the local drive in.

  • Explore the local zoo.

  • March in a parade.

  • Check for activities at your local library.

  • Spend the day at the beach, pool or water-park

  • Go to the county fair.

  • Watch a fireworks display.

  • Play a round of mini golf.

  • Make a tire swing.

  • Watch the sunrise.

  • Stargaze.

  • Fly a kite.

  • Make a slip-n-slide with a plastic sheet and a sprinkler.

  • Have a car wash.

  • Make homemade ice cream or popsicles.

  • Build a fort.

  • Tie dye a piece of clothing.


It’s also important to teach your kids how to stay safe and  respect the environment, especially during a summer where so much harmful activity occurs. This includes using sunscreen, recycling, and helping to keep the water clean. It’s important to teach the kids how to do these things because doing them as simple summer activities shows them the importance of doing things that need to be done.




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