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How To Make A Small Garden?

Are you wanting to start digging and growing, but don’t know where to begin? Check out this list of helpful gardening tips for making sure all your vegetables, fruits and flowers thrive in your tiny outdoor space.

When you’re just starting out with gardening, it can seem like there’s so much to know and you’ve got a thousand questions. The good news is that nature will be your teacher. The more you garden, the more you’ll learn about what works and what doesn’t. 

How to make a small garden? Use these 7 beginner gardening tips to kickstart your journey. And don’t forget to have fun while growing your own food and beautiful flowers in your backyard!

Plan A Small Tea Garden Corner 

From green tea to hibiscus, from white tea to chamomile, teas are chock full of flavonoids and other healthy goodies. Hence it will not be a bad idea to have a tea garden corner or at least a ​​tea bonsai tree in your little cute tea room.

Tea bonsai trees require moderate watering and a lot of care, but it is still much easier to manage than a tea garden. We recommend using a soft spray to soak the soil. Ensure that water penetrates not only the topsoil but also into the roots by checking that draining is occurring on the bottom of the pot. 

Just like for a tea garden, you will need to keep the tea tree moist at all times.

Have A Herbs & Spices Bonsai

Another space saving idea is to have a herb bonsai.

There is nothing better than fresh-picked produce such as your favourite herbs & spices. Basil, oregano, mint, chives, sage, rosemary, and thyme are the easiest herbs to grow indoors, whether you have them in the garden already or wish to plant them in your home now.

With a little bit of time, planning, and maintenance, you can create a vibrant herb and spice garden that will produce a harvest that you will be proud of. 

Go For Coturnix Quails Instead Of Chickens

Coturnix Quail is the best kept secret for small urban gardens. They convert masses of weeds like chickweed (which is tasty and edible, by the way) into protein-rich eggy goodness.

If you’re wanting home-grown eggs but don’t have quite enough room for chickens, keeping backyard quails are a super option – they’re easy to manage, lay protein rich eggs, don’t need much space and are great fun to have around for you and your kids.

If you are running a tiny homestead, you need to understand not every animal can survive in a packed small space. So what are the best animals for a small homestead? Read this guide.

Incorporate Perennials For Your Fruit Garden

It’s a great idea to add perennial fruit plants to your garden in addition to annual fruit-producing favorites.

Incorporating perennial fruit producers can be a vital way of creating a continual fruit-bearing oasis in your garden. Perennials have a long lifespan and come back stronger every year to produce more robust harvests. Annual plantings are finished in one growing season. 

Get Your Garden Safe For Your Dog(s)

Pet safety is the top priority for landscape and garden design.

It’s important to select non-poisonous outdoor plants for your dog that match your growing conditions. This means research for safe plants, then putting sun-loving plants into a sunny spot, choosing heat-tolerant plants in warm climates, and giving ground-gobbling vines like pumpkins and melons ample elbow room (or a trellis to climb). 

Do your homework and pick varieties that will grow well where you live and in the space you have. And to get a step up on success when growing veggies and herbs, start with vigorous young plants instead of trying to grow from seed. 

Use Solar Energy For Your Plants & Your Home

Can you save money, save energy, save the environment, while having fun with the kids? You can if you change to solar energy.

Never tried solar powered devices before? No problem. There are many guides online to help you with the knowledge. 

Through the years I changed my garden lighting, pool heating, water heater all to be sun powered. Many of these solar panel projects can be either done by yourself over a weekend or done by a licensed contractor under some government subsidized funds. 

Have A Small Backyard Pond

Adding a small pond and some kind of water feature to your garden will help to welcome more wildlife, including toads, frogs, newts, insects and birds.

Ponds are fantastic habitats as they provide excellent sources of food and water, as well as being a home or breeding ground for the local breeds to utilize.

Check out this blog by if having a small garden of biodiversity is an interesting idea for you.

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