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How to make pizza?

From my play school cafeteria to the college canteen, one thing has always had a special place in my
heart and that is pizza. From all the small house parties to these big gatherings, one dish I ever searched
for was pizza. I have loved this delicious dish since I was a kid when I first got my pizza. This is a delicious
dish that comes from Mediterranean countries like Turkey and Greece. It was invented in Italy. Raffaele
Esposito was a baker who made pizza for the first time.

A variety of pizzas are being cooked around the world. Each nation tried the recipe according to its own
taste. It has become one of the biggest hunger pangs in the world. Pepperoni is one of the most popular
types of pizza in the world. It has been found that every person in the United States eats about 46 slices
of pizza each year.

The originality of pizza

Naples was a town in Italy where the first modern pizza was invented. But interestingly, pizza has never
been made in Italy. The word pizza itself is derived from the Greek word pectus which means jammer.
Delicious bread with cheese, various oils and spices that tasted amazing. The turning point in the history
of pizza came when tomatoes were first used as a sauce. From here we got what we eat is now modern

pizza. Anticay pizzeria was the first live pizza restaurant to offer fresh pizza. It was located in Naples,

Let tell you how to make this wonderful and delicious dish:

 Ingredients-
 Cheese
 Oil
 Flour
 Black paper
 Mushroom
 And some salt


To make flour, we need to mix flour, oil, salt, and water in a container. Then make the dough with your
own hands. Mix them well until everything is well mixed and the dough is soft.
And spread the dough like a round sheet. Now the next thing we need to do is make toppings that will
make the pizza delicious. Add some mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, herbs, and some tomato sauce.
People can use other food pizzas as topping over for better taste.
Grind the cheese, chop the mushrooms. Now spread the sauce on the whole round flour, put
mushrooms and other toppings on it, now put the grated cheese on the whole base.
The last and final thing is to keep the prepared base inside the oven for at least 15 minutes. And they
are ready to eat the most wonderful pizza. Cut the pizza into pieces and enjoy the taste. Serve
beautifully with pasta and garlic bread for a more unusual and delicious experience.

How to make a sauce?

What makes pizza the most popular dish in the world is its sauce. So let’s see how to make pizza sauce:

 Ingredients
 Some red vine tomatoes
 Some large dried tomatoes
 Cayenne pepper
 Virgin olive oil
 Chopped garlic
 Chopped onion
 Rock salt and pepper
 Some basil leaves
 Paprika
 Tomato ketchup

 We go there. Let’s see how to make the sauce:

Dried red chilies

Take a little olive oil and add chopped garlic. Add some chopped red wine tomatoes to the mixture along
with chopped dried tomatoes. Take a medium chopped onion and mix it with garlic then add a cup of
tomato puree. Take dried red chilies and make flakes from them and add. Fry it for a while, add salt to
taste, crush the pepper and add to the mixture. Add a little water and cook for one to two minutes.
When boiling, add one tablespoon of paprika and half a tablespoon of chili flakes and mix well. Add
some natural tomato ketchup and some finely chopped basil leaves and let it cook for a while. Here,
your pizza sauce is ready.

Why is pizza my favorite food?

The biggest love of my life is pizza. Crispy base, cheese top, and spicy flavors all in one dish, hot pizza in
hand, the best feeling in the world. Always ready for a piece of pizza at any time of the day. Healthy and
delicious tomatoes, cheese, herbs and toppings make it even tastier. It is easy to cook and tastes great.
Easily available and whenever I see pizza on my own, I miss it.
You can take it anywhere. It can be eaten for breakfast or as an appetite suppressant or as an important
meal. It can be eaten at any time. Whether hot or cold, it tastes great and yes, many pizza deliveries are
so readily available all over the world. All of these things make pizza my favorite dish.

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