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How to prepare for the DP-100 exam?

Data science is the most trending professional course of the present times, which is also career-worthy. So quite naturally, DP-100 (Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on the Azure Certificate) is the talk of the town.

This is one of the most favored role-based certification courses. Let us try to understand what this course is all about.

Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure (DP 100) is for professionals who wish to become an Azure Data Scientist Associate. For this, you need to qualify for the DP-100 exam to obtain its Microsoft certification.

As per the official Microsoft website, DP-100 exam candidates:

  • Should be able to describe and arrange the development environment.
  • Should be capable of applying scientific thoroughness and data discovery techniques to achieve actionable insights and corresponding outcomes to stakeholders.
  • Must know how to prepare data for modeling and building up models.
  • Must be capable of employing machine learning techniques to teach, assess and deploy models to make any AI solutions that suit business targets.

If you wish to apply for this cloud computing certification, you must have a background in statistics, mathematics, and computer science. Data scientists have the responsibility of analyzing a large quantity of data/information to find out development and patterns. This Microsoft artificial intelligence certification has been built for professionals who employ machine learning techniques. 

About Microsoft Azure DP-100 Exam 

It is always ideal to know about all the essential details ahead of appearing for any exam. This helps you to avoid any trouble regarding the exam. Here is some important and necessary information that you may need prior to applying for the Microsoft certified professional exam. 

  • The DP-100 exam lasts 210 minutes. However, the candidates are permitted only 180 minutes to answer the questions. The remaining 30 minutes are kept only for reading instructions, signing the non-disclosure contract, and providing feedback. 
  • You can write the DP-100 Exam only in four languages – English, Japanese, Korean and simplified Chinese.
  • This cloud security exam involves 40-60 questions in different formats. It comes with several types of questions, such as MCQ with various case studies; you may also get single-choice questions. Furthermore, there can be certain appropriate sequence re-ordering of questions. 
  • The registration fee is 4,500 INR, excluding taxes. If you are a student, you are permitted to get a fee cutback exam provided you submit your legitimate educational credentials.

How to plan for the exam?

Obtaining the appropriate score will lead to the certification. So, you need to get a score of 700 or more to enhance your self-confidence and earn this Microsoft certification. In case you score less than 700, you will not qualify. You can always see the remarks after submitting your DP-100 exam. The detailed report of your exam can only be accessed after a few days. The scorecard will reflect all the details of your general performance on the DP-100 exam that you have undertaken.

Things you must follow.

  • You must consult books on science and analytics, Microsoft certification training, and data science. Also, concentrate on self-evaluation. Take practice tests from different sources for Microsoft online courses. People with basic knowledge of python find it easier to train for the exam.
  • The knowledge of Databricks and mlflow can offer leverage to get better scores in the test. Microsoft changes the pattern of the exam about twice a year. You must review the latest exam pattern.
  • You have a lifetime validity for the Microsoft certification course, and therefore there are no hurried countdowns that necessitate you to keep paying more. This cloud security course will be accessible when you want it.
  • Any exam tends to make you nervous. So, ensure to check your system a day beforehand in order to save yourself from anxiety. Work laptops at times create problems, so it is always good to use personal ones. 
  • Once you are done with the exam, your scores appear on the screen. Later, it is sent via email, so do check your mail. The DP-100 exam certification is applicable for only 2 years. 

Brace yourself for this trending cloud computing certification. Once you qualify this, the next target shall be DP-203 (Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure).

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