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How To Take Proper Care Of Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are valuable accessories that can help you transform your look. Human hair clip in hair extensions can seamlessly increase your hair’s length and add volume. Human hair extensions can help you get various styles and looks. Many celebrities use such hair extensions to get a desired look or style. 

Although you are also required to look after your hair extensions if you want them to make you look good and last long, the following article contains some excellent tips for looking after your human hair extensions. 


While washing the permanent human hair extensions, you must treat this hair as your natural. You need to be gentle on the hair extensions and don’t want to loosen the hair extensions. If you tend to be harsh or rough on your hair extensions, they will not last for a long time. 

You can use moisturizing shampoo on your hair extensions. If the shampoo is extra moisturizing, it will be better for your hair. Be gentle when you wash your hair extensions while they are glued to your natural hair. 

Use a shampoo formula that does not contain paraben and sulfate. Sulfates are responsible for creating foam in shampoos. These chemicals can cause damage to the hair as they can remove all the natural oil from the hair. Your natural hair will get a new supply of fat from your body, but your hair extensions will not. So please don’t wash them with a sulfate shampoo. 

You can also create a natural bath for your clip-in human hair extensions. All you need to make this hair bath is a moisturizing shampoo and some lukewarm water. You can take a bucket or a container and then fill it with lukewarm water. 

After the water, add shampoo to the container and then wash and rinse your human hair extensions in this water and soap mixture. Remember to gently clean the hair extensions if you don’t want to cause damage to them.


Conditioning the hair is a critical phase of cleaning. Conditioners are responsible for making your hair look bouncy and shiny. Try and apply the conditioner to the roots of your hair as well. Our hair has a layering of cuticles on them. This layer reflects the sun and causes the hair to shine. Conditioners are responsible for repairing this cuticle layer on the hair. 

It would be beneficial if you did not wash your human hair extensions like your natural hair daily. Washing your hair extensions three to five times a week is sufficient. On the days when you don’t clean your hair, rinse the hair extensions. Over washing the hair extensions will make them drier. 


Ideally, it would be best to air dry your human hair clip in hair extensions. It would help if you did not sleep with your permanent hair extensions still wet. If you sleep with wet hair extensions, your hair will start tangling. Use a cool setting and dry your hair extensions if you cannot air dry them.

Tangling of the hair extensions can also damage them. If you like to have your natural hair in braids underneath your hair extensions, then make sure that your natural hair is dry too. You can develop mildew or damp odor if your hair is not completely dry. 

A hooded dryer can also be helpful in such situations. This dryer can completely dry your hair, although the time it takes will depend on your hair’s texture, thickness, and density.  

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