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How Your Coffee Mug Makes Affects The Taste Of Your Coffee

If you are a die-hard coffee lover, you would know that there are many more things than a delicious cup of coffee you desire. The gentle aroma you experience when bringing your coffee cup near your face. Its the first sip you take and appreciate the flavor notes and a lot more things like this matter. However, most people are unaware of these little things. And sometimes, do not experience them simply because of the choice of a coffee mug or cup. This is the reason why you will see brands flaunting their special coffee mugs like Chemex hand blown mugs or cups. 

Cups come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. Most of us have a go-to cup for our coffee time. But you might not know that your cup’s choice affects your coffee’s taste. Of course, the taste of your coffee begins with the soil where it is grown. But you will see a further impact on your coffee taste when you choose the right cup to relish it. So, today let’s explore a few things that you should consider when looking for a coffee mug. 

Here’s How Coffee Mug Affects The Taste Of Your Coffee: 

Material Of Your Coffee Mug 

We all know that when it comes to coffee mugs or cups, there are endless possibilities in terms of what can be made out. But generally, cups are made from porcelain or glass. However, individuals also found out that there are more alternatives that make coffee taste better. Ceramic coffee cups are not just shatterproof but can retain the original taste of your coffee. Ceramics is a neutral material that leaves the coffee as it should be. The best thing is its double walls keep your coffee hotter for longer. As a result, you enjoy all the fine-tasting notes in your brew. Ultimately, we have to understand that your coffee mug material itself should not alter the coffee’s flavor. 

It is also important for individuals to know that how fast the coffee cools directly impacts the revealing of flavor notes. So, plastic cups do not retain heat and thus negatively affect the taste of coffee. We must know that it is not about ceramic vs. glass or plastic vs. paper but how it can impact the flavor of the coffee. 

Shape Of Your Cup Or Mug 

Like wine, the spot where it hits your mouth and tongue, the taste profile changes; the same is the case with coffee cups. The shape does matter in the taste of coffee, especially where it hits your palate. So when we discuss perceived flavors, it goes hand in hand with the headspace and liquid surface area. Headspace is the volume between the liquid and the top of the vessel.  This space creates room for the aroma of coffee to aerate. On the other hand, different liquid surface areas will bring out different flavors of coffee. A wider liquid surface accelerates the process of oxidation, which increases sweetness.  On the other hand, this goes the opposite way with a smaller liquid surface area that enhances the acidity of coffee. 

Colour Of Your Coffee Cup 

You are probably wrong if you think that the color of your coffee mug is more likely to affect your Instagram feed or pictures you post rather than your coffee experience. In a research project, people tasted the intensity and sweetness in coffee differently when they drank the coffee out of a white mug. However, when another experiment was conducted, it was found that serving coffee in pink color mugs enhances the perceived sweetness of the coffee. So while this is not something people completely rely upon, the color of your coffee mug does affect the flavors of your coffee. 

Red and Blue are the colors that bring sweetness. This might be because both red and blue colors are mainly associated with sweet fruits. While brown or dark color mugs are associated with robust coffee perception, and thus these colors make the coffee look more powerful and strong, which most people prefer. 

Insulation Capacity 

We all know that coffee tastes the best when it is hot. However, that does not mean you should reheat your coffee because it is one of the biggest mistakes coffee makers often make. That’s where your coffee mug capabilities come in. To retain your coffee’s heat and true flavors better, experts recommend double-wall thermal cups. These cups come up with a special air channel between the inner and outer layers. This layer maintains the coffee at the right temperature for longer periods of time. 


So, now you must be clear that it’s not just about the brewing equipment or coffee flavors but also about the coffee cups. These mugs or cups do affect the taste of your coffee. This does not mean you don’t have any control over how your coffee tastes. You can still make your coffee taste the best and much better by experimenting with different coffee flavors, coffee quality, and grind methods and trying different brew methods to bring the best flavors. It is just when you choose the right coffee mug or cup; it will complement all your efforts to make the best brew and enjoy it to the fullest. The perfect coffee mug will help you appreciate every aspect of your super delicious coffee. 

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