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In what circumstances might an officer deny a trademark application?

Brand names are identifiers used to differentiate work and goods made by a single company or individual. These identifiers make it easier for the customer to associate an item with the manufacturer. These imprints are legally protected in order to prevent them from being used to misdirect items or confuse customers. To be legally protected, a brand name needs to be registered. Registering a brand name protects the imprint from being used incorrectly and gives the imprint’s owner complete accountability for the mark. An IP agent in UAE knows about the rules and regulations of trademark registration.

Rejection grounds

Many businesses try to register their trademark without getting help from a Brand registration consultant UAE. This most of the time results in the rejection of the application. Let’s find out the rejection grounds.

  • Recognize that some pre-documenting efforts can significantly reduce the possibility of significant and insignificant rejections, explaining your brand name application. Here are a few suggestions.
  • The analyst will initially hope to determine if the application was documented in accordance with the strategy, presuming that all material was provided in accordance with the Act. If the analyst discovers any flaws in the system or the application materials, he will reject the application.
  • Remove any indications that appear customary or illuminating of your objects while thinking. You should also avoid phrases or idioms that appear to provide just verified value and do not have the potential to become a source-distinguishing brand that will separate your business.
  • If the imprint has any mesmerizing idioms or catchphrases that are constantly utilized to designate an item. Attempting to reserve the term SWEET for promoting products such as chocolate or sweets, for example, will be rejected since it would be unjustified to other people.
  • A brand name may exclude an offensive name or plan since this would be contrary to public respect and desire. As a result, stunning plan terms are frequently discarded by the inspector. An IP agent UAE, focuses on business name, logos, and, slogans before applying for registration.
  • A muddled imprint or a misleading imprint is any imprint that may mislead the client about the item’s origin, creator, quality, substance, and so on. For example, if an impression depicts an Ark, but the item is entirely red flesh, the ark may be disregarded as deceptive.
  • Inks or crayons, for example, cannot be reserved to sell inks or crayons since only one company may be licensed to use the terminology exclusively. As a result, the analyst may reject to register such an impression.
  • Recognizable evidence of goods and administrations will necessitate a brilliant thought.
  • One potentially hazardous error is listing an excessive amount of labor and products in a utilization-based application when the applicant has not yet used the blemish on all the things reported in the application. There is no impropriety in recognizing an excessive number of products/services in an Intent-To-Use application; nevertheless, in a utilization-based application, such a mix-up may result in an invalid enrollment if not addressed without spending any time.
  • A brand name application is rigorously scrutinized by library authorities; if they discover any infringement of the law or already enlisted marks, they may reject the imprint’s enrollment application.
  • If the analyst believes the ark is legal but requires clear constraints or to its use of appearance, he may deny enrolling the imprint with no promises. Read Also: How Late is the Closest Grocery Store Open 24 Hours


With the help of Brand registration consultant UAE, you can avoid hindrances and difficulties of the trademark registration process. Hire someone with knowledge.

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